07 March 2012

Creativity x Fashion

I have always had a crazy imagination. I've always imagined ways to make my life better, to make outfits better etc.

Right now, I have a photo shoot for a magazine submission tomorrow && I'm already dreaming up my outfits && make-up looks. Making sure my outfits && make-up coordinate but don't match. Imagining edgy && fashion forward looks that would make the editorial staff of the magazine absolutely SURE that they NEED to put me in their magazine.

Everything I do, from my writing, journaling, jewelry making, styling, blogging, cooking etc., is like a release for me. I can put on an amazing outfit when I'm in a crappy mood, and then I instantly feel as good as I look. I've been pushing myself out of my comfort zone with everything I've been doing and my style of dress has been no exception. If I don't feel a little nervous about wearing it, then it's a not good enough for me to step out in.

My point is that creativity can't be limited, neither can your sense of style. Life is too short to leave yourself in a box. When you push the limits, you keep it moving. Don't plateau, advance to a higher plane.

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