24 August 2012


Maturity. Aging is necessary, growing up is not.

I've been presented with several situations these past few weeks where I was left in awe of the immaturity of several people.

Thinking someone is subtweeting you, constantly making smart remarks directed towards someone, and addressing your issues with someone on Twitter instead of in their inbox are all signs of serious immaturity in my eyes.

I'll address the Twitter issue first because I've been dealing with issues because of Twitter for far too long. It all goes back to when I was talking to this guy && I was told that people that didn't even follow me were reading my tweets and getting upset about them so I had to watch what I said about him. My response to him was that the people that were twatching me could go f*** themselves and needed to stay off of my TL. I still keep that mentality, if you don't follow me don't read my tweets unless I'm RT'd on your TL. Stop checking up on me. Also every tweet someone posts is not directed at you. I don't subtweet, I make general statements. If you get upset, oh well, your bad.

Also a lot of people have been tweeting about the issues that they have with one of their peers instead of calling/ texting them and handling it that way. Twitter does nothing but invite people into your business which will in turn escalate the situation. Handle any dispute you have with anyone off of social networking sites.

Everybody doesn't have the ability to rise above the drama. Let those that try to drag you down with them look like the pathetic peons they are.

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