31 May 2012

New Nails

Sooo I LOVE my nails! They're a bright orange color with flowers on each finger. They look very Hawaiian && I think they're perfect for the summer! :D

Hat Head

So I think I'm developing a love for hats (wide-brim, fedoras, beanies etc.).

I got this cute beanie at Rag o Rama last week for someone else && when I was getting dressed to head out with my friends I decided my outfit needed a little something extra, and that something extra was the Steelers beanie that I had just picked up. I think it added a little extra oomph to my outfit and I got tons of compliments. :)

13 May 2012

Trend Watch: Sheer Clothing

If you've been keeping up with Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, or InStyle then you've definitely noticed that sheer clothing is still pretty huge this season. From blouses, to skirts, and even pants, there's something for everyone. I have a couple of sheer button downs that I love. :)

If you're going to wear sheer bottoms, make sure you wear dark underwear so that you're not completely exposed. When wearing sheer tops, an opaque cami or bra will help you keep it classy.

Remember, when rocking sheer clothing, you want to be sexy but still leave something to the imagination.

No Days Off

...In the gym that is. I'm determined to get back in shape like I was at Auburn. I could easily run a mile, my body was nice and toned, and I just felt better. I'm not fat at all, but I'm definitely not healthy. So this summer I plan on working out at least 5 days out of the week. Wish me luck! :)

Early Birthday Gift?

Louboutin has done it again...

Cinco de Mayo

I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with all of my amazing friends and we had a grand old time! Check out some pictures from that crazy night:

Me && my friend J-Co.

Me && Alden being goofy. :p

Alden, Sydney, Alissa, Kierstyn, Myself, and Nia. :)

Song of the Day

Corinne Bailey Rae- Trouble Sleeping

Corinne Bailey Rae made amazing music and was so underrated and slept on it was crazy. This is one of my favorite songs off her self-titled debut album. Enjoy. :)