27 April 2012

Song of the Day

ScHoolboy Q && Kendrick Lamar- Blessed

*sighs* man, I love this song. I really feel everything both of them are rapping about in this song even though I haven't lived it. Oh yeah, I just got put on ScHoolboy Q, so get used to seeing him on this blog. He's my new addiction. :p

"What ever you imagine you possess, my nigga..."


I went thrifting on Wednesday && I did pretty good. I need to work on only buying spring/ summer clothes the next time I go, as I definitely purchased two blazers && a knit sweater shrug this visit. ._.

In addition to that I bought a coralish-orangeish high-waisted pencil skirt, a skirt that feels like it's made from a hotel comforter lol (and I love it), a gray silk shirt, a brown clutch, && a pink tank top that will be perfect for color blocking!

I can't wait to wear my new finds! :)

23 April 2012

New Nails

Two of my favorite things. Pink && Leopard print. :)

Merry Belated 4/20!

So Friday was 4/20, the smoker's holiday. I hung out with some important people (who I have affectionately dubbed my youngins lol) and I had an awesome time! :)

Check out some flicks below:

Me distracted on my phone.

Me && Shara cramped onto one tiny chair. -__-

Distressed && Studded Denim Shorts I Wore (Made by me of course :p)


Me && Shara

P.S. Who wants to buy me a Sox fitted just because? I'll love you forever. ^_^

18 April 2012

Song of the Day

Kendrick Lamar (featuring Gunplay) - Cartoon && Cereal

I LOVE this song! I know y'all are probably tired of seeing Kendrick Lamar on my blog but I just can't stop playing his music. Section 80, Overly Dedicated, Kendrick Lamar EP, man I love it all. This is one of my favorite songs of his. The beat, the bass, the lyrics, the samples, this song is crazy.

Enjoy! :)

"I'm bout to make my mama rich. Cartoons and cereal. I ain't felt this good since..."

Joan Smalls by Terry Richardson for Vogue Paris May 2012

15 April 2012

Song of the Day

Kanye West (featuring Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz)

Ummm I'm in looooovveee with this song! The lyrics, the beat, the breakdowns, it's all so perfect. Only 'Ye could do this! *sighs* This song is soooo amazing! I'm sure y'all will enjoy it as much as I do! :)

Words to Live By

I don't really care for her (that runaway slave master line is unforgivable in my book) so don't get used to seeing her on this blog but I totally feel what Iggy Azalea said in reference to the other females in the rap game. Anyone, no matter what industry you work in, can take these words and live by them:

“Females are competitive like that and that’s how it is. I’m sure if I was the best sprinter in the world, all the other sprinters would hate me and I would hate them, too. It’s the same thing— it’s competition, it’s women. I don’t take offense to it. I don’t wake up thinking about another woman. I think about what I am going to do to make sure my career has longevity because that’s my only job. I just think about that, not who can be doing my job better than me —no one can, because I’m the only one that can be me and they’re the only ones who can be them."

Super Shoot at Club Havana

On Saturday I went to Club Havana to network at a fashion show and super shoot. I was there, enjoyed one (-_-) drink from the open bar and then I was forced asked to model. I had fun shooting with all the different models and photographers and the designers were all really nice. I can't wait to see the pictures from the shoot.

While there I did get some networking done. I agreed to do a couple of more photo shoots (the concepts the photographers have in mind are AMAZING && I'm so happy they want me to be a part of them) and I met another wardrobe stylist. She invited me to work on a fashion show with her and said that she wanted to help me get into personal shopping.

It was a great night && I can't wait for the next super shoot!

Check out a couple of photos below:

I'm all the way on the left with the up-do. :)

Effortlessly Stylish

I am now a published writer! I write a fashion column for PrimetimeX magazine now! You can check out my first article, 'Effortlessly Stylish' at http://primetimex.com/?page_id=504. :)


I love these leggings && need them in my life IMMEDIATELY!

04 April 2012

Song of the Day

Kendrick Lamar- Blow My High (Members Only)

This is another one of my favorites from Section 80. I can play this WHOLE album without skipping a track which is SO rare these days! But there are certain tracks on the album that I just have to go back && play again when they go off && this is definitely one of them!


03 April 2012

Rita Ora in Double Denim

Supposedly Jay-Z is fed up with Rihanna's reckless behavior && is positioning Rita Ora to take Rihanna's spot. She has been received well since Jay-Z introduced her. I see pictures of her on my dashboard every time I log onto Tumblr.

Check her out in this double denim outfit && then listen to her song Party && Bullshit:

New Earrings

All earrings made by me! :)

Sea foam green oversize feather earrings

Tan fringe earrings with wood detailing. Made from an old Gucci bag of my mother's.

Silver && black dangling glasses earrings.

Glass Triangle Stud Earrings

Wine colored tassel earrings.

An Inspirational Vitamin

This is exactly how I feel about what I'm doing now. The possibility of what I can be makes me wake up every day at 9 AM so I can start working or wake up at 6 AM so I can be at a photo shoot by 8. I'm not guaranteed to be successful in this business but when I dream of my life in 5 years && I see how successful I COULD be && all the amazing things I COULD do for the people who have supported me, THAT is what keeps me motivated.


These suede color block heels are amazing.


Patrick Demarchelier in Vogue Japan/ May 2012

These Are Amazing

Two beautiful pairs of shoes. Florals have always been in style but they are a HUGE trend this season. Floral prints have been popping up EVERYWHERE! On rings, pants, and now on shoes!

The ankle strap is also another huge trend. I've been into pumps with an ankle strap since about August so I was happy to see that they were a trend. I love this pair with the studded detail on the strap.

Chain Gang


Back to Black

Rihanna has gone back to black hair! I'm glad because I didn't like the blonde on her because it made her hair looked really damaged && cheap. The black looks more polished and put together in my opinion.

Song of the Day

Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder

This is another song that I can't stop playing. Nothing like me riding in Lucille on a warm spring day with my sunroof open && this song blasting!

"I just whipped up a watch tryna get me a Rover..."

02 April 2012

From Marcy to Barclays

First commercial for Rocawear && I LOVE it! I'm a huge Jay-Z fan && this commercial was pretty inspiring! Documenting his rise from the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, NY to being the rapper/designer/mogul that he is today, check out "From Marcy to Barclays"!

Brandy in YRB Magazine

Brandy is BACK and with a vengeance! She was featured on It All Belongs to Me with Monica and now she is promoting her sixth studio album, Two Eleven. Check out these high fashion shots from YRB Magazine! I love them! WERK!

Givenchy's Resort 2012 Floral Print Sleeveless Dress

Givenchy's Resort 2012 Floral Print dress retails for $2,395. Hawaiian prints are big this season and this dress is an amazing work of art.

Check out Fergie and Lala wearing the dress below:

Fergie wore the dress to 1 OAK Nightclub in Las Vegas this weekend.

Lala wore the dress first to Good Day New York.

Here. Take One...

Just a Quick Update

I've been hard at work on getting my website up! It's coming along so well && I'm really excited! You guys will surely hear about it when it goes live!

I've been working with Tottianna on her upcoming magazine, Jerde! It's coming along well from what I can see and I'm happy that she's allowing me to be a part of it! So far I've only styled for the magazine but I hope to also model and write for the magazine! I also wouldn't mind being creative director of some of the shoots either. :) I can't wait until the magazine comes out and for you to see her hard work!

I also am working on a couple of other endeavors but I don't want to say anything here because nothing has been finalized. If everything works out the way that I want then I will definitely post about them here!

Song of the Day

Beyonce- I Miss You

This isn't the song of the day because I'm sad or in my feelings, it's the song of the day because it just is lol. For some reason for the past week I've been walking around the house blasting it on either my iPod nano or my iPhone pretending that I can sing. ._. It really has grown on me since I heard 4 last summer.

"No matter who you love. It's so simple. A feeling but it's everything..."

Fashion Shoot for Jerde Magazine

On Sunday I styled a photo shoot for Jerde Magazine with another stylist (more on him in a later post because that man had me in AWE). It was an amazing experience, I learned a lot and I had a lot of fun! Here are some behind the scenes pics!

The guys. We switched his Converse to a pair of boots. I wish I had gotten a picture because it looked nice. Grr! :/

Carlea && the photographer.

Me adjusting Carlea's outfit. I love this picture because it looks like I was posing even though I wasn't! :p

Carlea! This girl is an AMAZING model! She got her shots for this outfit in 5 takes! She is GOOD at what she does! && she is also opening up a boutique. I hope to work with her on that so you guys will probably see more posts on it!

Trend Watch: Cap Toe Shoes

So I've been seeing cap-toe shoes EVERYWHERE! From flats to heels, there's no doubt that these shoes are a major trend this season! Check out my favorite pairs below:

Stuart Weitzman

Christian Louboutin