17 February 2012

In 2012 I vow to....

Live more

Laugh more

Be happy

Always look for the positive despite any negative things I'm experiencing

To travel as much as possible

To love like I'll never love again

To work on being a beautiful person (both inside and out)

To always try new things

To never let the fear of failing stop me from giving my best effort

To keep God close to me despite my views on religion.

To grow as much as possible.

And to use every day as a stepping stone towards making my dreams my reality.

16 February 2012

A Common Theme

New Jersey's governor decided to fly the flags at half staff for Whitney Houston's funeral on Saturday. Many people are protesting because of Houston's history of drug use. But the governor defended his actions by basically saying any negative things she did should not erase her accomplishments.

In The Vow, at one point in the movie, the mom says, "I chose to stay for all of the good he had done, and to not leave for the one bad thing he did."

So do the bad things someone does cancel out the good? Do we have to let someone who murders someone go because they found a cure for cancer? Does a girl who feeds a homeless person every day get a pass when she cheats on her boyfriend?

Just random thoughts on my mind. Hmm...

12 February 2012

Best && Worst Dressed at the 2012 Grammy Awards

I'm not gonna save the best for last, I'm gonna start this list off with my favorite:

Rihanna looked absolutely STUNNING in Armani! This ensemble was sickening but for all the right reasons! Go Rih!

Adele looked amazing in a sparkly black gown. She accessorized it perfectly with simple jewels and a beautiful red lip! Gawjusss! 

Not too sure why Kate Beckinsale was at the Grammys because she is definitely an actress, but that minidress looked amazing on her! Her legs make me want to get on a treadmill and run until I pass out! She looked great!

Katy Perry looked nice in her Ellie Saab gown that matched her hair! 

Everyone else's outfits were nice but I didn't like minor details, like their hair, or choice of accessories. Now onto worst dressed. Be prepared, it's going to get ugly. Real ugly.

The first person on the list is:

Little Red Riding Hood, is that you???? Oh no, it's just Nicki Minaj looking a damn fool. It looks like she stole someone's curtain and embroidered and bedazzled it. Hey Onika, the Pope called. He wants his bishop back.

Fergie looks like a reformed hooker that put on her idea of couture for the Grammys but forgot it was laundry day and so she had to make do with whatever underthings she had. This outfit is a disgrace to ...well life.

Sasha Gradiva. Don't know who she is. Or what she does. That gun on her arm though? She should shoot herself for putting this foolishness on.

Just no.

What do you think of my best dressed and worst dressed picks?

New York Fashion Week

So New York Fashion Week is going on, and while I can't be there (one day I'll be showing MY designs there), I've been keeping up with the trends via YouTube and my girl crush fashion blogger Emily Schuman's tweets.

My two favorite collections are Herve Leger and Nicole Miller!

Nicole Miller's collection gave off a really 70's vibe (which I've definitely been getting into lately). Tons of suede and everything mini!

Herve Leger's collection was sexy as usual! Heels that reminded me of the Jeffrey Campbel va-voom heels and corset tops.

New Jewelry

All pieces pictured will be available for sale when my online store opens!

Cinammon Tassel Earrings

Silver Chained Rings

Wine Colored Tassel Earrings

The Power of Social Networking (R.I.P. Whitney Houston)

"Social media has really affected people's level of respect, sensitivity, and tact. It's crazy..." - @NotChrisJacobs

Yesterday Whitney Houston died at the age of 48. I had recently seen pictures of her, and she didn't look well, but near death? No. When I saw the R.I.P. Whitney Houston trending topic, I thought that maybe somebody started the TT as a sick joke. I checked Wikipedia, saw nothing, refreshed the page, and there it was, she was dead. It was sad because I had recently watched Waiting to Exhale, and a couple of songs were stuck in my head.

There was an out pour of condolences and sadness on Twitter as everyone pulled out their favorite Whitney CDs and began to pay their respects. Everyone however wasn't so kind. They referred to her as a crackhead, said they didn't care she was dead because she didn't pay their bills, and other trashy, classless things. Or they got mad because people simply tweeted R.I.P. Whitney Houston.

Why is it that people can not show the dead respect? Yes, she lived how she lived, but she was human, humans make mistakes. I don't think people understand that addiction is a lifelong battle. Once you become addicted to crack, cocaine, meth, heroin or alcohol, you have to fight that for the rest of your life. The fact that she struggled with addiction does not take away from the fact that she was a beautiful woman with an amazing voice, or the fact that a life was lost.

I lost my father in April of last year, and I can honestly say that if I had heard someone say, "F*** her father's death, he didn't pay my bills." I would have lost it. I can only imagine what Bobbi Kristina is going through. She was turned away from the hotel room where her mother was found, unable to see her, and then she has to hear people say her mother deserved to die because she was on drugs.

What happened to not saying anything if you have nothing nice to say? Just because we have freedom of speech doesn't mean we have to misuse it. Before you tweet about how you don't care about someone's death, think, how would I feel if someone said this about MY mother? Because the very people you tweet about are someone's mother/father, daughter/son, or brother/sister.


07 February 2012

Sorry Guys

I keep neglecting my blog, but not because I don't love it or you all, I've just been crazy busy! Lol I finally started devoting my time to things && people that actually matter and as a result, I haven't been posting much. Despite the fact that I've worn several lookbook/blog worthy outfits that haven't gotten posted . -_-

I'm in the process of setting up my online store and while I could open it today, I'm going to wait until everything is absolutely perfect! :)

I also got a call about an internship. I know I need experience but I really can't see myself working anywhere for free right now. I need to have my own income so that I can devote it to building my brand, I'm going to the interview tomorrow and I'll see what they are talking about.

I finished up my application to SCAD, I'm really scared that I won't get accepted.

I'm also working on a few other ventures that I won't speak on just yet (because I want to be discrete), so stay posted for that! :)

Live. Leather. Love. Lace.

01 February 2012

Nail Ring

First, let me start off by saying that if you've been following my blog you know that I'm a BIG fan of Emily at Cupcakes && Cashmere, in fact I'm borderline obsessed with her! 0_o

When I finally got a chance to look at her blog yesterday I saw a gold nail ring that looked like one for sale at my favorite boutique Cherry Bomb (very chic, not easy on your bank account lol). I bought it today and I'm in love with it already, I'm thinking about buying one of the other ones that are there!

New Shoes

Finally got my Litas! Leopard print w/ hot pink on the toe! I love them so much && I can't wait to wear them! :D