12 February 2012

Best && Worst Dressed at the 2012 Grammy Awards

I'm not gonna save the best for last, I'm gonna start this list off with my favorite:

Rihanna looked absolutely STUNNING in Armani! This ensemble was sickening but for all the right reasons! Go Rih!

Adele looked amazing in a sparkly black gown. She accessorized it perfectly with simple jewels and a beautiful red lip! Gawjusss! 

Not too sure why Kate Beckinsale was at the Grammys because she is definitely an actress, but that minidress looked amazing on her! Her legs make me want to get on a treadmill and run until I pass out! She looked great!

Katy Perry looked nice in her Ellie Saab gown that matched her hair! 

Everyone else's outfits were nice but I didn't like minor details, like their hair, or choice of accessories. Now onto worst dressed. Be prepared, it's going to get ugly. Real ugly.

The first person on the list is:

Little Red Riding Hood, is that you???? Oh no, it's just Nicki Minaj looking a damn fool. It looks like she stole someone's curtain and embroidered and bedazzled it. Hey Onika, the Pope called. He wants his bishop back.

Fergie looks like a reformed hooker that put on her idea of couture for the Grammys but forgot it was laundry day and so she had to make do with whatever underthings she had. This outfit is a disgrace to ...well life.

Sasha Gradiva. Don't know who she is. Or what she does. That gun on her arm though? She should shoot herself for putting this foolishness on.

Just no.

What do you think of my best dressed and worst dressed picks?

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  1. You telling really the truth by ervery Outfit! I love rihanna and she really looks stunning with this dress!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog