30 October 2011

Pimple, Pimple Go Away. Please Don't Come Another Day. :(

So I skimp on my beauty regimen for ONE night. Not even an entire day, but a NIGHT && then two zits develop on my face. One on my forehead and the other on my left cheek. :/

So tonight I cleaned my face with my Seacret Facial Cleansing Milk, then did a 15 minute mud masque, and as I type this post I have toothpaste on both aforementioned pimples so that they can dry out and hopefully be small enough for me to hide tomorrow (thank God for MAC concealer, right?). If they're still a little red tomorrow I'll put a few drops of Visine on them tomorrow to take out the redness.

Moral of the story: Don't pass out with your make-up on. You will regret it! :x

My Opinion: Paranormal Activity 3

Now this might be out of my lane...but I just felt so strongly about Paranormal Activity 3 that I had to say something.

I LOVE horror movies! Despite the cold weather October is one of my favorite months because everyone is playing horror movies! If we go to the movies and there is a horror movie showing, I want to see it (unless it's of the cheesy variety. Umm piranha 3D? PASS!). MY favorites are the old classics like the original Halloween and Texas  Chainsaw Massacre, and the Shining. I also like more recent movies (within the last four years) such as 1408 and of course the ever popular Paranormal Activity.

When I saw the first one it was about 3 in the morning during Summer 2010. I was with a couple of friends and the person I was dating. That movie scared the crap out of me. I got home around maybe 5, made my significant other stay up until 6:30 with me then come get me, and I didn't go to sleep until I got to their house lol. I saw 2 with my friend Jon and while it was scary, it wasn't as terrifying as 1. When I saw the previews for 3 I knew I was gonna go see it!

Now onto my opinion of the movie. 3 was okay. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't awesome. It had a lot of plot holes that I hated (but won't discuss in case any of you haven't seen the movie) and it was just all around not what I expected. Most of the scenes in the preview weren't even in the movie (which has happened with all of the movies but I felt that this one had waaaayyyy more scenes missing from the movie). Also most of the scares were predictable. They stuck with the same gotcha! formula from the past two movies so for most of the movie I knew what to expect and when. Also back to the plot holes, they were huge. So huge that a group of moviegoers and myself stood outside of the theater for 10 minutes discussing the ending (yes it was that confusing.). I imagine they did that because they wanted to make sure that we would come back for Paranormal Activity 4. Which left more questions! Will Paranormal Activity 4 pick up where 3 left off or where 2 left off? 1 and 2 seemed to go hand in hand and make tons of sense, while 3 just left a bunch of questions. If you're a fan of the series and liked 2, I recommend it. If you hate the series or thought 2 was just okay, save your money and wait for The Devil Inside to come out. That preview looked amazing!

Trend Watch: Slippers (Part 1)

I love WhoWhatWear.com. The ladies over there keep me on top of the trends, thus keeping me on top of my fashion game!

While perusing the site a couple of days ago, I saw an article on a new trend: slippers. When I first saw that, I thought to myself, "Huh? Celebrities are wearing their bedroom shoes out?" Then I saw what they were talking about, and I instantly wanted a pair to add to my wardrobe! I went over to one of my favorite online shopping sites and added a pair of slippers to my cart. I can't wait until I get them! Check out my pick below and when I get my slippers I'll do part 2 on how to wear them!

Song of the Day

This is my absolute most favorite song by her. This is one of my most absolute favorite songs EVER! Adele is amazing! And sadly today I heard that her throat condition was worsening. :( So here's to the amazing music Adele has already created, and to hoping that she'll be able to create much more!

29 October 2011

Matte Red Lipstick

I'm not into matte lipstick. At all. However for some reason I wanted to try matte red lipstick. So I went to MAC and picked out the true red (Ruby Woo) and added it to my make-up bag.

A couple of days later I finally got around to trying it on && when I tried it on I loved it so much that I left it on and I even have it on as I'm writing this post. I'm sure that this is sure to become one of my beauty staples.
 Check out some pictures of me wearing the lipstick below!

My New Fall Shopping List

Well I can cross a fur jacket off because I got that yesterday but there's still a ton of stuff on my to-buy list, and until I get it all I won't be satisfied with my closet. :/

  • fur vest
  • tribal knit poncho
  • cape jacket
  • leather jacket
  • navy heels
  • olive heels
  • royal blue suede pumps/wedges
  • leopard wedges (From my favorite online shopping site!)
  • oxfords (in gray and maybe black)
  • studded heels 
  • white pea coat
  • Jeffrey Campbell heels
  • Michael Kors bags (gray, black, navy && olive)
  • bright clutches (preferably red, and a bright blue)
  • a pair of slippers

28 October 2011

New Video (Beyonce featuring J. Cole- Party)

Well, it's not exactly all that new now lol. It just took me a while to get back to posting.

Anyways, I love, love, LOVE what Beyonce did with this video! The concept was so creative and definitely not what you would expect from her!

Now onto the real controversy. The fact that they took Andre 3000 off of the song and put J. Cole on instead. Andre wanted to do the video, but due to conflict with his record label he wasn't going to be able to. J. Cole wrote a couple of verses for the song, but Andre's verse was chosen over his. I liked J. Cole's verse. I liked Andre's as well, but it wasn't all that great. It definitely wasn't good enough for people to be making the fuss they were making about it. >_> Although, before I heard the new song I was apprehensive about J. Cole taking Andre's spot. I listened to it, liked it, and I downloaded the song so maybe it will become my favorite version of Party! :)


was a success yesterday! I got a fur jacket && I'm completely && totally in love with it already! I got tons of amazing pieces to update my fall wardrobe! I'll post pictures tomorrow when I get back home.

Song of the Day

All the audio for this song on youtube was of pretty bad quality so I apologize for that. I've been in a really good mood for the past few days. I finally got the courage to end a bad "relationship". You would think that I would be sad but I'm not. My friends tell me that they haven't seen me this happy in months!

This song just reminds me of being in a dark place and how when you finally get out of it, you are able to look back and be thankful for the experiences that led you to the positive place that you are in now.

Enjoy! :)

Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell has some of the most amazing shoes out there! I was looking at his shoes on one of my favorite shoe websites and I was just amazed at the creativity that this man has. While he has tons of amazing shoe styles my favorite is the Lita boot, and I intend on buying a pair soon. These were my favorite Lita boot styles. What do you think of my picks?

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boot (Cat Tapestry) - $159.95

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boot (Rust and Green Weave) - $159.95

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boot (Tan Black Fabric) - $159.95

24 October 2011

Song of the Day

I am a HUGE Beyonce fan! I love her to death! This is one of my favorite songs off of her newest album 4. Whenever I play this song in my car, no matter what kind of mood I'm in, I'll find myself "singing" (i use that term loosely lol) along && dancing. Bey, Andre 3000 and Mr. West outdid themselves with this one! Enjoy! :)

Under Construction

i'm currently changing the header && background for the blog. so if either one looks a little skint don't be alarmed.

23 October 2011

Song of the Day

"This is a metaphor to show how I adore you..." I love this song. In my opinion, it was one of the best songs off of his best album, Confessions. Enjoy!

22 October 2011

What I Wore Today

I was in the mood to mix prints today when I got dressed. I didn't want to blend in at all, I wanted to STAND out! So I put on a plaid button down that I got while thrifting yesterday, dark skinny jeans, and leopard print boots. I didn't want my accessories to be neutral so I put on a bronze bow ring, a jeweled ring, gold bangles, and brown feather earrings.

Shirt: Thrifted
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Forever 21
Bangles: Forever 21
Bow Ring: Betsey Johnson
Gem Ring: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

What do you think of my take on mixing prints?

Song of the Day

I don't listen to the radio a lot, only on the rare occasions when I'm in the car with someone that doesn't have a cd player or an auxiliary cord. Whenever I would listen to the radio I would hear this song and I liked it. I finally got around to downloading it sometime this week and I keep listening to it. It's a really sexy song and it puts me in a really relaxed mood.

Enjoy. :)

Fall Nail Trend...

...that is going to be HUGE this season and maybe for more to come is... *drum roll*.... MAGNETIC NAIL POLISH!

Now if we think on the same plane I'm sure you're like, "what the heck is magnetic nail polish?!?!" Magnetic nail polish is nail polish that you paint on your nails and then use a magnet to make a design on the polish. How it works is, you paint one coat of the color on your nail, let it dry, then paint a second coat on one finger nail and then immediately hold the magnet over your nail and let it make a design in your nails. Then you repeat the process for each nail until you've done all ten.

The only cons that I've seen on this nail trend is that the magnet doesn't make a different pattern for each nail so they will all look eerily similar and that at $16 a bottle it's definitely on the expensive side for some.

Here are some examples of magnetic nail polish:

Will you be trying magnetic nail polish?

21 October 2011

New Music

This is a new song from Drake featuring Lil Wayne called The Real Her. It's allegedly supposed to be on his album Take Care. What do you think of it? Will you buy Take Care?
it's not about the brands. it's about how you wear them.

What I Wore Today

Today I just wanted to look casual yet girly. So I put on a navy tank top (that I've had since my junior year in high school but that I still love), gray leggings, a green military inspired jacket (that I got a thrift store for $6!), and brown boots. I accessorized with a pair of feather earrings and two gold rings. What do you think of what I wore today?

Shirt: Charlotte Russe
Jacket: Thrifted
Leggings: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Earrings: Rag-O-Rama
Studded Ring: Forever 21
Pyramid Ring: Charlotte Russe

Song of the Day

I LOVE Kid Cudi! This is one of my favorite songs by him! I think he's incredibly talented! This song is just amazing!

20 October 2011

Fall Nail Trend

This time when I got my nails done I decided to go for gray on my nails. I also cut them down. They're still round, they're just much, much shorter. I love them! What do you think of my choice? Which fall nail trend should I try next?

Ring: Forever 21

My Fall/Winter Outerwear Shopping List

  • a fur jacket
  • a fur vest
  • a colorful knit poncho (preferably in a tribal print)
  • a cape
  • a gray blazer

fur jacket: gojane.com -$66.20

faux fur vest: forever 21- $37.80

Poncho: Forever 21- $24.80

Cape: Robert Rodriguez- $228.00

Blazer: H&M- $49.95

All of these are just examples of what I'm looking for. Not necessarily what I'm going to buy. Is there anything I should add to my cold weather outerwear shopping list?

A Sexy Scent.

I. Freaking. Love. This. Perfume.

It's amazing! (and part of the reason why I fear the saleswomen in the perfume department of Macy's. :/)

I was treating myself to a shopping spree at Perimeter Mall and I was walking through Macy's to get to my car. My hands were full of bags and a saleswoman commented on how I looked like I could use another bag. She handed me a sample of Burberry Body. I just laughed, took her sample, and politely sniffed it. I immediately fell in love (insert in love Emoji face here) and said that I would take the biggest bottle she had. It cost me a little more than $100 after tax but it was so worth it. Whenever I put it on I feel 10 times sexier and more confident, and I always get tons of compliments on it. Aaaaannnd it lasts for a long time. I put it on around 3:30, I've already taken my nightly shower and I can still smell it (it's 12:19 for the record). This perfume is amazing,  I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new scent.

Song of the Day

This is one of my absolute most favorite songs ever. It can be interpreted in so many ways. However, the most common theme is losing love. You can interpret it as you lost love because you partied too much or you lost love because you refused to give something up that was detrimental to your relationship. It just all depends on what you take away from the lyrics. Kings of Leon is another one of those versatile groups. Love them! :)

What I Wore Today

Today it was freezing in Atlanta! I was born and raised in the south, so anything below 65 degrees is almost unbearable to me. So today I wanted to look good but still be warm! So i put on a sweater, a pair of leggings and some motorcycle boots. I stuck with darker colors that had a fall air to them, as you can tell from my brown and orange sweater, my burgundy leggings and my navy motorcycle boots.

Sweater: Forever 21
Leggings: BDG for Urban Outfitters
Boots: Mossimo Supply Co
Earrings: Forever 21
Bag: Juicy Couture

What do you think of what i wore today?

19 October 2011

I Want This Dress...And These Heels.

And I will wear them together.

Song of the Day

I love this band! Geez! I discovered them when I was at Auburn last year. My manager at my job was playing this song, I asked her who they were, she told me and I quickly scoured the internet for any of their music I could find and the rest is history. They have a song for any mood that you're in. I love the versatility of their album.

This song is a love song. It's supposed to be written for a significant other, however I sometimes think that the lyrics could apply to a relationship with one's self. It's all about how you interpret the lyrics.

Hope you enjoy. :p

Forever 21

I loved Forever 21 from the moment I discovered it my sophomore year in high school. Sadly, this is a love affair that is quickly turning sour. Forever 21 is becoming cheesy and cheap looking. You can still find a couple of pieces in there, like maybe a skirt or a shirt, or a pair of over the knee socks or a pair of earrings. I can't just go in there and find tons of stuff like I used to and that makes me sad. Maybe it's because my style is maturing or maybe Forever 21 just really isn't what it used to be. :/

Loafer Heels

I love, love, LOVE the loafer heel trend! My only issue with it is that most loafer heels I have seen have a heel below three inches. I'm not going to be walking down anybody's runway with 8-inch heels anytime soon, but I definitely despise heels under 3 inches. As my friend Nia said, "Heels under 3 inches are a waste of time and money." With that being said, I haven't purchased a pair of loafer heels yet because I want to find the perfect pair. You would think I would stop being so particular because I have huge feet (I wear a size 9. :/) I found a pair of heels on my favorite shoe website that I love, they don't have them in my size right now, but hopefully they will restock! What do you think of my pick?

16 October 2011

Weekly Fabulous Find

Around May I began my love affair with feather earrings. Since then, I've acquired several pairs, and I love them all! However, I found a new favorite pair, and in the most unlikeliest of places. I'm not a fan of Wet Seal, not in the least bit, but whenever I'm at Lenox Mall I always end up getting dragged in there for some foolish reason (my best friend needs a new make-up brush, or a friend is bored and wants to go in there for a laugh). When I leave, I always end up with something though (last time it was a pair of army green combat boots that I absolutely love and haven't seen anywhere else). This time it was a pair of feather earrings! I love them so much. They're the perfect balance of earthy and glamorous, and they only cost about $9 after tax.

Song of the Day

Get used to seeing Dom Kennedy on this blog lol because he is one of my favorite rappers! He's not the most lyrical person in hip-hop right now, but he makes chill music and he definitely knows how to tell a story. I don't know why, but I've really been feeling this song lately.

Beauty Trend: Maybelline Master Drama Cream Eye Pencil

When I saw the commercial for this eyeliner, I knew right then and there that I was going to add it to my beauty collection! It took me a while to find it when I finally got around to buying it (because I was in a small college town in Alabama -__-) and when I found it I decided to try it for the night out on the town that I was getting ready to experience!

I bought Midnight Master and Vibrant Violet (non waterproof formulas for both) and I put the Midnight Master on my upper lid and the Vibrant Violet on my lower lid and had them meet on the outside for a two-tone cat-eyed look. The eyeliner lasted through PLENTY of sweating and it didn't run! It wasn't exactly what I expected it to be, but I think it's worth the $15 I paid for both.

Below is a picture of me, with the eyeliner on.

P.S. twisting the eyeliner up is proving to be quite a chore for me, and I'm reading reviews on other sites && I'm not the only one having this problem. So keep that in mind if you decide to buy it!

What I Wore Today

I had no particular inspiration when I got dressed this morning. I just knew that I wanted to look good.

It was pretty warm outside when I was getting dressed, but I know that it's going to be colder tonight. So I decided on some shorts and a top that I got at Urban Outfitters, a boyfriend blazer, and gray heels.

I didn't wear a necklace because I didn't want the necklace and my top to compete for attention. Instead I put on longer earrings and then a ring. :)

What do you think of what I wore today?

Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Blazer: Thrifted
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Target

14 October 2011

How to Wear Printed Pants

It's seriously warm && sunny outside so I decided to do my printed pants post with the pictures that I took a couple of days ago. I was a little nervous about trying the printed pants trend. I'm all about neutrals most of the time, and I really only wear prints on my jewelry && headwraps. However, while thrifting with Lataevia I found the perfect pair of printed pants! They were dark-colored, the print wasn't too busy, and they fit like a dream! :)

I paired them with a gray crop top from urban outfitters, a pair of sandals, and then dressed up the whole outfit by pairing it with glitzy gold jewelry. What do you think of my take on the printed pants trend? How would you wear them?

Song of the Day

First, this song has zero relevance to my life. I don't even have the same thought process as the chick singing this song lol. However, I found The Best of the S.O.S. band cd online Tuesday and ever since this song has been stuck in my head. I love the beat, and I can relate to being deliriously in love with someone.

13 October 2011

What I Wore Today

It's been really rainy in atlanta lately, so I decided to keep my outfit simple today. I pulled on a gray v-neck t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a pair of oxfords && my favorite headwrap. :)

The Midi Skirt Trend

I'm so surprised that I like this trend as much as I do! When you think of a midi skirt, you think about something your mother or grandmother would wear. And who in their right mind would want to go out looking like their grandmother? But me and Lataevia are here to show you how to update the midi skirt trend. :)

First, Lataevia and I have two VERY different styles. My style is more simple and sophisticated, Lataevia's style is all about being bold and is a bit more urban than mine.

We both wore bright colored skirts, and accessorized them with neutrals. I pulled on a gray v-neck t-shirt, added a necklace && a belt, and then pulled on my favorite tan && brown heels. Lataevia wore her bright skirt with a sweater tank top && black && white shoes.