23 August 2013

What's Love?

As of lately, I've been questioning if I even really know what love is. These days it seems like it's a term that's thrown around so loosely. So loosely that it's lost its meaning. So loosely that we can't even define it anymore.

What is love? I don't know. But one day I'll find that person that shows me what real love is like. And until then...

My Birthday

On Saturday, August 17th, I finally turned 21. The days that led up to my birthday were very eventful. I got bad news, had to cancel my trip to Florida, had to push my car off of a rock (long story lol), and on my birthday one of the craziest events ever took place but I'm thankful that I was able to see another year. I don't have many pictures from my birthday but that's fine because I plan on celebrating my birthday again after my friend Kiera's birthday lol.

So check out my birthday outfit below:

Dress: American Apparel
Shoes: Forever 21
Ring: Atlanta Boutique

My first legal drink lol!

Check out my video interview with Shanika Simmons of Broke2Dope.com! We had a lot of fun filming and I'm glad that Shanika even considered me for this opportunity. I'm definitely not where I was last year and I can only go up from here. Let's work.


Big Sean and Miguel- Ashley

Big Sean's relationship with Naya Rivera may have come as a huge surprise to some people. The last we heard he was dating his high school sweetheart, Ashley, and the next thing we know he's dating Santana from Glee. I didn't really have an opinion on their relationship until Naya debuted a single called Sorry in which she even goes as far as to name some of Big Sean's exes. The fact that he was featured on the song definitely did not help matters.

We had been hearing about a song titled Ashley that was to be released as a single from his new album, HOF, but we weren't sure what to expect. Well the song is beautiful. I absolutely love the lyrics, it's an open, honest, raw account of the ups and downs of their relationship. Miguel sounds flawless, as usual lol. And I think this is one of the stronger songs on the album.

Can he hurry up and break up with Naya and get back with Ashley?

18 August 2013

Something New...

Last week, Beyonce set the world on fire when she debuted a new pixie cut on Instagram. Beyonce is known for her long, blond mane and while there are rumors that she cannot change her hair color due to a contract with L'Oreal, it's good to see her experimenting with different hairstyles!

Just a few days ago, she was seen in Miami with Jay Z and Baby Blue. This time she was rocking a blond bob that was reminiscent of her hairstyle in the Me, Myself, and I video and I am here for it!

Beyonce always slays, and you will deal. After all, she is the King...

09 August 2013

New Nails

My birthday is quickly approaching and since I will be leaving for Florida on Wednesday, I decided to get my nails done today. 

I had planned on getting a baby blue color but my good friend, Tavie is in town and she has the exact color I want on her nails. :/

After a quick brainstorm session, I envisioned a lilac/lavender color. My nail shop very rarely has the colors I want, so when they had this color, I was ecstatic! The color looks exactly the way I want it to and it's been getting tons of compliments. Looking forward to finding the color that tops this one...