20 May 2013

In the Mix

Today I handled business for The RAD Shop, school, and had drinks and lunch with a friend.

I had dying to wear these paisley print shorts and mix them with another print and today I got to do just that. I paired my outfit with strappy single sole sandals and my favorite almost cat-eye but not quite sunglasses and I was off!

Shirt: American Apparel
Shorts: Forever 21
Jewelry: Forever 21, Michael Kors, RAD!, and vintage
Sunglasses: Rue 21

Music Monday

I've had a Twitter since 2009 back when Twitter was all jokes and trending topics and I wish Twitter was still like that. One of my favorite trending topics was #MusicMonday. I got to share what music I was listening to and discover new music from all over the world. In honor of the good ole days, I present you with my Music Monday, a collection of music that as of recently, I cant stop listening to.

I swear that I grew up in LA in the 90's. I can't stop playing those classic Westside songs such as Nuthin But A G Thang and It Was A Good Day.

I've been meaning to post on this mixtape for a while but I kept putting it off for some reason lol. Anyway rapper Rome Fortune is quickly getting a buzz and making a name for himself on the Atlanta Scene. He was featured on XXL's list of ATL rappers you should know and Lil Debbie even cosigned him on Instagram. His mixtape, 'Beautiful Pimp' is one of the most solid projects I've heard from an up and coming Atlanta artist in a while and it is definitely worth the download.

My favorites from the mixtape are DanceDance, Ice Cream Man, and Money Ministries (which I cannot go one day without playing lol).

Check out the trailer for Beautiful Pimp:

I've never been a mega J-Cole fan but he has definitely made some songs that I can get behind and support. When I saw everyone tweeting about his new song, "Power Trip", I definitely was not in a rush to go download it. However, when hanging out with friends I heard the song and I have to admit that it is a great song. Miguel gives me life!

Check out the video below:

And last but certainly not least, I loved Ciara since her Goodies dance but she lost me after she released her sophomore album. She's had a few singles here and there that I've enjoyed but for the most part, I haven't really been able to get into her. I love her new song "Body Partty" though! It has the sexiest vibe and the random crooning from her boyfriend Future in the background give the song the extra something that it needs.

Check out her amazing video below:

19 May 2013

Can You Do It?

The RAD! Swimsuit Shoot

On Thursday, I had a photo shoot for the swimsuits that will be available for sale in my boutique, The RAD! Shop! 

This was my third time working with the model, Dior. She's so beautiful and sweet and she's so goofy that the shoots never feel that long or have a dull moment lol. 

I did a little bit of styling work, but not too much because this shoot was more about showcasing the swimsuits. 

Check out some photos below: 

The Little Skater Girl

Yesterday was the celebration for my friend D'Mani's 21st birthday! A bunch of us gathered at the Embassy Suites by Perimeter Mall and had a great time.

I was entirely too excited to wear the dress I had bought from American Apparel earlier this year. The full skirt makes me feel mine a ballerina or an ice skater. I paired the dress with a pair of nude strappy single sole sandals, a few pieces of gold jewelry, and a dark plum lip.

Dress: American Apparel
Shoes: Forever 21
Necklace: RAD! 

13 May 2013

Serving Neutrals With A Splash of Neon

I love neutral colors. Don't ask me why but since I was able to dress myself and/or buy my clothes I've always gravitated towards neutral colors.

However, I've been pushing myself out of my comfort zone lately and buying shoes, bags and dresses in bright colors. I guess, I just really got into the spring fever moment lol.

I was going out with a group of friends for drinks and dinner and I wanted an outfit that was simple and chic. I loved the shape of the slouchy tee, and the neon single sole sandals and clutch made an otherwise tame outfit really pop.

Shirt: Atlanta boutique
Leggings: Atlanta boutique
Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target
Clutch: The RAD! Shop
Cuff: Forever 21
Necklace and Chain Bracelet: RAD!

12 May 2013

Ruthie Davis

Enjoy some free shoe porn, courtesy of one of my new favorite shoe designers, Ruthie Davis. Ruthie Davis started her own line in 2006 after working for Reebok, Ugg Australia and Tommy Hilfiger.

Her designs are conceived in New York and handcrafted in Italy. Her designs are edgy, beautiful and eye catching. She has been worn by Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Karolina Kurkova, Jessica Chastain, Emma Roberts, and Naomi Campbell.

Check out some of my favorite designs:

Some Spring/Summer Style Inspiration

Floral Arrangement

I love anything that has to do with creativity and so when I was assigned the task of arranging flowers at my job, I gladly obliged.

Everyone was impressed with my attention to detail and I got tons of compliments.

Check out some photos of my floral arrangement below!

Unfadeable, so please don't try to fade this...

I've really been feeling that 90's Westside music lately (as evidenced by my post title lol) and I'm currently planning a BBQ for my friends at which only 90s music is played.

Back to my outfit, work has been taking up a lot of time and when I get off, I'm either too tired to go out or it's too late. So when I finally had two consecutive off days, I got dressed to head to the hookah bar with a friend.

I chose a neutral outfit with a soft pop of color.

Shirt: Know Style
Skirt: The RAD! Shop
Bag: Style & Co
Rings: The RAD! Shop
Necklace: RAD! Jewelry

09 May 2013

This is a lesson that I had to learn. The past two years have been an incredible journey and I'm thankful for every opportunity I received and every setback that I suffered.

I'm happy to say that I really think I'm coming into my own and I firmly believe I'm on the path to success. I just have to stay motivated and focused.

The 2013 MET Gala:

The 2013 MET Gala was hosted this Monday with the theme, PUNK: Chaos to Couture. It was certainly more chaos than couture if you asked me. I think some people were a little unsure of how to handle the theme. 

Check out some looks below:

When I saw Anna Wintour in a floor length floral print Chanel gown, I became a little bit worried. If Anna didn't bring it with the punk look, would anybody?

Eh. I have mixed feelings about Anne Hathaway's look. Her frosty make-up provided a perfect contrast  to her black dress. Her look had a punk feel to it. However,those feathers at the end of her sleeves gave me more drag queen than punk rocker.

You all know I love Beyonce but I was not impressed with this overly coordinated Givenchy outfit. The print didn't go with the theme, the belt looks distracting from a side view and I was not feeling the matching boots and gloves.

Oh Lord. Kim Kardashian must have stolen her grandmother's curtains and had someone sew up this creation.Yes I know her and Yeezy were both wearing Givency Haute Couture, but this floral print dress (with matching shoes!!!) was not appropriate for the event theme nor was it appropriate for Kim's body right now. She needs to stick to solids and less form-fitting clothes. It was her fist time at the MET and she looked horrendous.

Kristin Stewart would have pulled off this look if she had picked a different jumpsuit. I don't like the fabric, it looks more vintage than rocker chick. Her make-up and hair saved what would have otherwise been just an okay outfit.

Linda Evangelista looks like she just left an audition for the role of the Fairy Godmother. Saying that I was underwhelmed by this outfit would be an understatement. Appalled is more like it.

This theme was obviously created with Madonna in mind. She looked great while still following the theme! After all these years, Madonna is still killing the game, the fashion game that is.

Miley. Cyrus. Slayed. When I tell you all that she served me my portion. She served me my portion! She wowed in a mesh Marc Jacobs gown and she even punkified her sexy new short cut! That red lip really made the dress and her eyes pop!

Nicki Minaj would look good, if the theme wasn't Punk. Her hair has a punk feel to it but her Tommy Hilfiger gown was just too plain for the theme.

Jennifer Lopez looked beautiful in an animal print Michael Kors gown that accentuated her lovely curves. Her pompadour gave her just the right amount of punk she needed to complete this look.

I save the best for last. I seem to be speaking celebrities up these days. I was just saying how i missed seeing Nicole Richie out and about since I had always loved her fashion sense. She completely shut it down in her Top Shop gown, silver pumps, and gray hair. I also love the perfect pop of color that her lipstick provided!

08 May 2013

Throwback Thursday

I posted this picture on Instagram Thursday for Throwback Thursday and it filled me with joy. These are some of the first pieces I made. I never get tired of looking at my work and when people respond to my work positively and ask when I'm opening up the shop or if they can buy my products now, my heart swells. What started out as a hobby, something to pass the time, and a way for me to have the jewelry I imagined in my head is now going to make me my living. I have complete confidence in RAD! as a boutique, accessories company, and styling company. Thank you all for following me on my journey and I cannot wait for you all to see all that I have in store.

RAD! Life

Trend Watch: Single Sole Sandals

About two years ago, I was browsing the Internet when I stumbled across Rihanna in a pair of amazing dark red patent leather single sole sandals. I instantly fell in love with them but I had no idea what they were called so I gave up my search after a few months.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I saw that single sole sandals were being announced a major Spring trend! I ordered my first pair from Prabal Gurung from his line for Target in a neon green and then I added pairs in white, black, nude, and yellow to my collection.

These shoes are amazing! They make your feet look sexy even if you have big feet like me (I wear a size 9!) and your miles look like they go on for miles in this sleek, sexy style.

05 May 2013

Don't Wait.

The Gunmetal Choker

I haven't made a piece of jewelry in forever so I was eager to get back to making pieces and to see if I still had it.

Despite only having my wire cutters (all of my jewelry pliers have mysteriously gone missing), I was able to complete this choker. Once I go buy some new pliers I will make it a little tighter so that it sits on my actual neck and looks more "choker" like.

The Gunmetal Choker will be available for sale when The RAD Shop opens!