25 January 2012


I've been slacking this past week. I haven't been blogging, I haven't been making new pieces, drawing designs, buying fabric, or trying to work on getting my designs sewn up (my choice for my seamstress fell through, so it's back to square one). All because I've been focused on the wrong things, or thing rather.

Well I have my head on right, and tomorrow I will be heading to Hobby Lobby and Joann's, and then I'll be back at it like I never stopped. :)

19 January 2012

For Laughs- She Ratchet

Found this video on Tumblr and no lie, I watch it once a day. I'm sure you guys will enjoy it lol! :)

18 January 2012

Trend Watch: Collarless Jackets

These jackets remind me of 60s and 70s fashion, which I have been seeing EVERYWHERE lately! They're so chic && sophisticated && I plan on adding one to my wardrobe immediately! Check out some pics of some amazing collarless jackets!

BB Dakota


Fashion Bug

17 January 2012

Just a Glimpse...

Had fun at the photo shoot with Tavie. It started late && ran over but it was tons of fun!

I can't wait to see the pics && I'll be sure to post them on here!

Here's Lataevia && I leaving the photo shoot....

13 January 2012

Two photoshoots tomorrow. Modeling in one (for the first time. I'm so nervous lol!) and styling the other. Gonna get my stuff together, then curl up and eat the rest of this buffalo chicken wrap.

Night y'all. :)

Song of the Day

Young Jeezy featuring Jay-Z and Andre 3000- I Do

I'm not really a fan of Young Jeezy, not because I don't like him or because I think he can't rap, it's more about the fact that as a girl that grew up in the suburbs I can't relate to a bunch of street talk and guys talking about whipping babies and making gravy. 0_o

However, when I heard that this song had Jay-Z on it (easily my favorite rapper) and Andre 3000 (he's in my top 5) on it, I knew that I needed to take a listen. So I did and then I fell in love.

So as a late New Year's gift, I present to this song to you all. I know, I know. Don't all rush to thank me at once.

All Black Everything (Almost)....

I wore this outfit on Monday (1/09/2012). Where exactly? I honestly cannot remember but I know I looked good lol.

Silver Oversize Stud Earrings: Leather.Love.&.Lace
Black Studded Dress (worn as shirt): Urban Outfitters
Black Harem Pants: Vintage
Tights (worn underneath pants): Target
Leopard Print Heels: Charlotte Russe
Black Watch: Betsey Johnson
Turquoise Bead Necklace: Leather.Love.&.Lace
Rings: Leather.Love.&.Lace

Leather & Lace (with a dash of Love of course)

Today I went to Little Five Points with my friends Tavie and Lisa. I love those little hookers! We had tons of fun shopping and then finishing our day at the Vortex. I wanted a cute, simple outfit and these wedges were unbelievably comfortable!

Suede Fringe & Chain Earrings: Leather.Love.&.Lace
Navy Lace Cami: Urban Outfitters
Leather Jacket: Vintage
Bandage Mini Skirt: Ambiance Apparel
Tights: Target
Rings: Leather. Love.&.Lace

12 January 2012

Photos from NYE! (Photo Heavy)

I went out with my friends Alex, Tomesha, and Macy! We were celebrating NYE && Tomesha's birthday! I had tons of fun with them && it was definitely a night to remember! ^_^ I can't wait to reunite with them for Mardi Gras!!!

Me, Tomesha, and Macy

Leather.Love.&.Lace Accessories (Fur ring & clutch)

(l to r) Alex, Me, Tomesha, and Macy

Leather.Love.&.Lace Tassel Earrings

Just a random picture lol.

Song of the Day

Shabazz Palaces- Recollections of the Wraith

I first heard this song while I was working at Urban Outfitters. The most amazing part of the song was the female vocalist crooning in the background. I went home and googled the song and then I found it and downloaded it. This is another one of those songs that I can put on repeat and just vibe to while I work.

I'm currently playing Kendrick Lamar's A.D.H.D right now (which you guys can hear here) but I think I'll go listen to this next.

"Clear some space out, so we can space out."

Enjoy. :)

11 January 2012

Mardi Gras

So since I said that I was going to be doing a personal post a day, I decided to write today's post on...THE FACT THAT I WILL BE IN NEW ORLEANS FOR MARDI GRAS!!!! Can you guys tell that I'm excited lol?!

This will be my first time EVER in New Orleans and I'm super excited about all of the culture that I'm going to get to experience while I'm there. I'll be staying with a friend of mine that lives there && I'll be sure to post tons of pictures!

Are any of my followers from New Orleans? Have any of you been there? Are there any places that I absolutely must see? Let me know! :)

Fashion Faux Pas

Lol we had so much fun making this! It wasn't planned out at all! It just happened!

New Endeavors

My good friend Lataevia and I have decided to make our own YouTube channel. We'll be doing how-tos on make-up,  for DIY clothing and we also talk about celebrity gossip!

Check it out! Comment and subscribe!


Stepping into the New Year with Style

Stepping into the New Year with Style

The only limits we have are the ones we inflict upon ourselves...

truer words have never been spoken.

For every reason I come up with for why I can't do something, I find 10 more reasons to do it.

09 January 2012

Song of the Day

Today is a Kendrick Lamar kind of day. Relaxed, chill. Been vibing to this song for a couple of weeks now. Sometimes I just put this song on repeat and design or create. Love it.

"Eight doobies to the face, fuck thaaaaatt."

Celebrity Style Star of the Week: Solange

This week's Celebrity Style Star of the Week is Solange! Not only is she the sister of one of my favorite entertainers Beyonce, but she is a talented artist and fashionista, all in her own right. I love Solange's style, it's so earthy, laid-back, and chic. Whether she's rocking her fro, or those Poetic Justice-esque braids she makes being stylish look so effortless.

Check out my favorite Solange outfits.

New Blog Content

I was up very early this morning for some reason and a friend asked me to feature her on the blog, and then it hit me, I have TONS of stylish friends and associates, like the lovely Lataevia Deanne, who is always featured on here.

Also when I get my DSLR, I'll be doing street style pictures! I'm so excited to watch my blog grow! Hopefully you guys are just as excited about it as I am!


This year is all about broadening my horizons. I plan on traveling around the country and around the world. I want to take a painting class. I want to buy canvas and just sit in my room and paint. I want to gain life experiences in new cities. I want to step out of my comfort zone daily.

A trip to New York City, a trip to Bermuda, a trip to Orlando, a trip to New Orleans, a possible summer cruise, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I love this life that I was blessed with.

I plan to take advantage of the opportunities afforded me and that means using those opportunities to make myself into a better person.

08 January 2012

Trend Watch: Two-Tone Lips

I've been seeing this trend EVERYWHERE! When done tastefully, and done well, it looks amazing. It's very edgy!

When wearing two-tone lips treat it as a bold lip, which means the rest of your make-up should be neutral, unless you want to be asked what your rates are for children's birthday parties.

Will you be trying two-tone lips?

A Bit of Poetry...

Had to get something off my chest, so this is what I came up with...

I wish I could feel better,
how do you heal a broken heart,
wish it could be fixed,
but you tore us apart.

I'm always the strong one,
never letting them see me sweat,
I have feelings too,
so hard to show that I'm upset.

A love lost,
leaves a bitter taste in my mouth,
it's so hard to say goodbye,
wish it would have worked out.

All the plans that I had for you and I,
ruined, gone to waste,
I needed you in my life,
the experience of being in yours, i only got a taste.

The demons of my past attempt to possess my future,
I don't need to look back,
but I always do,
because the best part of us is in the past.

Us? There is no more us,
what I wouldn't give,
for one last touch,
one last kiss.

One day I'll feel better,
I'll have found a way to heal my broken heart,
I don't want "us" to be fixed,
simply because it was YOU that tore us apart.

Late Night Thoughts

It's 3:16 am and I'm awake listening to Dom Kennedy and reflecting on life.

I feel like I lost touch with my creative side for so long and that I'm finally getting back in touch with it. I used to write stories, poems, and songs (before I realized that I was tone deaf and had no chance of ever becoming a singer lol), I used to draw designs on poorly drawn figures, and then I stopped. Stopped drawing designs, stopped writing stories (even though I still have a knack for writing,I do my papers hours before they're due and I've never gotten below a B on a paper). I'm very smart, and people always expected me to become a doctor, lawyer etc. and because I was weak minded I decided to go with what others expected of me and go to school to become a nurse. It didn't take long for me to realize that that really wasn't my passion, but I couldn't see myself telling my parents that I didn't want to go to school for nursing. I scoffed at mail from SCAD, even though I was secretly thrilled that I even got mail from them.

Now I try to stay in touch with my creative side. I'm going to try to write in my journal more, write a post on here every day, and I'm constantly designing. I'm even thinking about trying to fit a painting class into my schedule. I can't wait to grow.

Song of the Day


It's been so long since I've done a song of the day! Since I said I was going to start making my blog more personal I guess I should get back to doing them huh?

Well this is one of my favorite songs from his most recent effort, Take Care.

"She look like a star, but only on camera, only on camera..."

07 January 2012

My Current Obsession...

...tassel earrings. I love these things && I can't stop making them! I'm up to five pairs now lol && I still have to make some for friends! Check out my tassel earrings!

All earrings: Leather.Love.&.Lace.

gold tassel earrings
brown tassel earrings

wine colored tassel earrings

04 January 2012

Photoshoot at Pullman Yard

Styling by me.

Just one of the looks. The model's own jeans, boots && tank. I added my fedora and plaid button down to jazz it up a bit. :)


First, HAPPY NEW YEAR'S! *throws confetti everywhere*

Secondly, I've watched my blog transform from 0 followers to 25 (which is still not a lot lol) in a little under 4 months and watched how my content has transformed. I've also noticed that my blog has been transitioning from being ONLY about fashion to include other aspects of my life and become more personal. So I find myself here venting to you all.

I was offered an internship (yay!) at a fashion blog. It isn't all that known, but I'm conflicted. I love what I do. I love styling photo shoots. I love creating new pieces for my accessories line, I love drawing designs, I love to create content for my blog. I promise I would do it for free. I would go out and form relationships with boutiques and even write for her blog. However, I have my own. Look at how I've been neglecting my blog and I'm out of school. :( I feel like anything she wants me to do I can do on my own. She wouldn't be paying me, I don't need internship credit at Kennesaw.I'm leaning more towards telling her that I'm not going to be able to do it, but I still feel like maybe I should at least give it a chance first.

*screams and tears hair out!* I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!