08 January 2012

Late Night Thoughts

It's 3:16 am and I'm awake listening to Dom Kennedy and reflecting on life.

I feel like I lost touch with my creative side for so long and that I'm finally getting back in touch with it. I used to write stories, poems, and songs (before I realized that I was tone deaf and had no chance of ever becoming a singer lol), I used to draw designs on poorly drawn figures, and then I stopped. Stopped drawing designs, stopped writing stories (even though I still have a knack for writing,I do my papers hours before they're due and I've never gotten below a B on a paper). I'm very smart, and people always expected me to become a doctor, lawyer etc. and because I was weak minded I decided to go with what others expected of me and go to school to become a nurse. It didn't take long for me to realize that that really wasn't my passion, but I couldn't see myself telling my parents that I didn't want to go to school for nursing. I scoffed at mail from SCAD, even though I was secretly thrilled that I even got mail from them.

Now I try to stay in touch with my creative side. I'm going to try to write in my journal more, write a post on here every day, and I'm constantly designing. I'm even thinking about trying to fit a painting class into my schedule. I can't wait to grow.

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