08 January 2012

A Bit of Poetry...

Had to get something off my chest, so this is what I came up with...

I wish I could feel better,
how do you heal a broken heart,
wish it could be fixed,
but you tore us apart.

I'm always the strong one,
never letting them see me sweat,
I have feelings too,
so hard to show that I'm upset.

A love lost,
leaves a bitter taste in my mouth,
it's so hard to say goodbye,
wish it would have worked out.

All the plans that I had for you and I,
ruined, gone to waste,
I needed you in my life,
the experience of being in yours, i only got a taste.

The demons of my past attempt to possess my future,
I don't need to look back,
but I always do,
because the best part of us is in the past.

Us? There is no more us,
what I wouldn't give,
for one last touch,
one last kiss.

One day I'll feel better,
I'll have found a way to heal my broken heart,
I don't want "us" to be fixed,
simply because it was YOU that tore us apart.

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