26 December 2011


I finally told my mother that I want to go to SCAD! I'm so happy that she supports my decision!

Lol now I don't have to pay for the rest of my application out of pocket.

I'm so excited!

24 December 2011

The Big Misconception

So I've been keeping my aspirations to work in fashion quiet, simply because of the reactions I've received from people that THINK they know me.

People have told me that I'm too smart to work in fashion and that trying to obtain a job in the fashion world was the easy way out. I've been told that I'm lazy because I want to work in fashion. The last two comments are the most annoying and hurtful. From what I've seen so far, it's harder to obtain a job in fashion than most other fields. You have to work on drawing your designs, sewing them, and trying to network so that you can get your line out there. To say that someone is lazy because they genuinely want to work in fashion is barbaric. How am I too smart to work in fashion? Only stupid people are supposed to want to work in this industry?

Also I've been getting the everyone wants to work in fashion comments. *rolls eyes*. First, that has NOTHING to do with me. Secondly, this is my passion and I am willing to work hard and do almost anything it takes to make sure that I'm successful in this field. I'm not worried about what anybody else is doing. I'm just focusing on me.


As I've been a crappy blogger for a while now and been M.I.A., you guys have missed out on a lot. I said that I was going to be sharing my journey with you guys, so here it goes:

I recently styled a photoshoot with my friend Lataevia. They wanted to hire me to be their stylist for all their photoshoots but as I decided I didn't want to work with them, I politely declined. I've been an on-call wardrobe consultant for this really cool lady who has her own casting agency. She's going to be setting me up to be the stylist for the photoshoots for her models (which I'm seriously excited about!).

A model saw my designs (clothing) and some of my accessories and invited me to participate in this huge fashion show in March! Hopefully I can transfer my designs from paper to real life in time for the show.

I also was contacted by this lady (through a friend of mine) about styling a fashion show and supplying accessories for the show. This will be in the new year, so I'll have plenty of time to get the ideas out of my head and onto the models!

I have a new name for my budding line, Leather, Love & Lace.

I'll be setting up my website soon, and I'll feel ten times better about everything I'm doing.

I have two photoshoots for my accessory line coming up this upcoming year.

I have so many opportunities coming up. I'm grateful but it won't be enough until I'm complaining because someone always wants me to work with them. Photographers, models, other designers. I've been networking my butt off and I'm happy that I'm seeing results.

All this and I still haven't told my mom I want to transfer to art school for Fall Semester 2012. ._.

New Nail Color

This color is soooo pretty. It wasn't my first choice but it turned out great! It's a...sea foam green color. At first I was kind of iffy about using it because I didn't think that it was a fall color, but after a little bit of time I decided that it does have a "winter" air to it. Maybe I should change expand what my idea of a winter color is.


18 December 2011

A Leopard Doesn't Change Its Spots

Today I styled a photoshoot! I wanted a comfortable and chic outfit. One that would feel good, look good, and showcase my abilities. The tall heels (4"+) made  me feel not so teeny tiny among the models (I'm only 5'3!!!).

Headwrap: Forever 21
Shirt: Forever 21
Cardigan: Vintage
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Booties: Glaze
Bracelets & Watch: Vintage
Earrings: Forever 21

16 December 2011

Trend Watch: Long-Sleeved Maxi Dresses

As my style continues to grow and evolve, I've been exploring different things. I've recently fallen in love with maxi && midi skirts. My closet has four or five pleated maxi skirts (including a white wool skirt that I completely adore!).

So imagine my surprise and delight when long-sleeved maxi dresses popped up on the scene. Especially after it took me two days to figure out how to wear my black spaghetti-strapped maxi dress. -__-

I like these. They come in simple colors and complex patterns. They're also made with different materials. Will you be adding a long-sleeved maxi dress to your closet?

Check out my favorite ones:

Free People Maxi Dress - $88.00

Splendid - $126.00

Twist & Tango- $231.80

ASOS Africa- $100

Rachel Pally - $269.00

15 December 2011

Blue Velvet

Wedges & Fedoras

It's been so long since I've done a What I Wore today post that you guys probably forgot that this was a personal style blog, huh lol?

Well today my friend Tavie and I decided to go thrifting (my second time this week :x) and I needed an outfit. Me and Tavie kind of compete when it comes to dressing. It's a healthy competition though. Neither one of us wants to go out with the other and not look as good as she does.

So today I wanted to be casual and chic. It was 67 degrees (I guess winter has come and gone?) so I decided to pull out a pair of shorts, I put on a tank top, tucked it into the shorts and put a shrug on top. A pair of thigh-highs, a pair of wedges, a fedora, a silver spike bead necklace, silver bow studs, two silver rings, and a silver cuff finished off the look.

14 December 2011

My Opinion on Make-Up

I'm 19 years old. Most of my friends are still in that awkward, "let me try this and see if i like it" stage. One of the things I've noticed is that people are getting more into make-up. I'll be honest: up until this summer I prided myself on only wearing eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss (yes, even for nights out.) However, this summer I quickly decided that was boring and that I wanted to try lipstick, which led to me wanting to try blush, which led to me wanting to try tinted moisturizer, which led to me wanting to try foundation.

Now if you look in my make-up box, you will see eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush from LA Colors, MAC, Chanel, Sephora and many more. I LOVE make-up now, and my friends have to literally drag me out of the MAC store when we go to the mall (if they even let me walk inside lol.).

However, I can't help but to notice those that don't know how to apply make-up like make-up knocking those of us who wear it. First, I think everyone can benefit from some kind of make-up. I don't wear make-up to hide anything and certainly not to "trick" anyone. Hopefully this doesn't come off as cocky, but I'm beautiful with or without make-up. Some days my skin freaks out on me (I have psoriasis.) and I really don't want everyone starting at my face, so MAC concealer and foundation are my  best friends on those days.

When I go out, I like to stand out so a bold red lip, smoky eye, or a two-toned cat-eyed look gets the job done!

I don't think you should be wearing a full-face of make-up every day (back away from that sponge and let your skin breathe!) but there's definitely nothing wrong with applying that foundation every once in a while and putting your best FACE forward.

Celebrity Style Star of the Week: Sarah Jessica Parker

This one may be a bit obvious but Sarah Jessica Parker can dress her little arse off! You can question her acting skills, you can question her beauty, but you cannot question this woman's ability to put together a SHOW-STOPPING outfit!

Enough of my ranting, check out these photos. This woman's style speaks for itself.


I can remember when I was younger winter meant my style was definitely off. No more bright colors, just trying to stay warm. Forget fashion! Now I would never forgive myself if I walked out of the house with a boring sweater, jeans, and boots combo. :(

I learned how to transition my skirts, dresses, and even shorts into fall and winter. The answer is so obvious, but I couldn't grasp the  concept until my junior year of high school. LEGWEAR!

From tights (footless and footed) to socks (ankle, knee-high, over-the-knee, and thigh-highs there's absolutely no reason that you can't rock your favorite pair of shorts or a skirt in the fall or even winter for that matter! Tights and socks come in so many different kinds of fabrics, styles, and colors that it's impossible to not find one that will absolutely transform your wardrobe!

So don't be scared to make that "summer" dress work for the fall. Fashion is not fire, you can play with it and still have fun! :p

But most importantly.....
Make . It. Work.

Trend Watch: Parkas

Looking for a new winter jacket? Are fur coats to dang impractical for you? Well, I have just what you need right here! Ladies and gentleman the parka has burst back onto the scene and is waiting for you to chic it up and make it work! :)

Parkas come in so many colors and styles that it's practically impossible to find one that you will not like!

Will you try a parka this season? And check out some of my favorite picks below:

Lands' End Parka- $179.50

Club Monaco Lavida Parka - $329.00

Charlotte Ronson Hooded Army Jacket - $355

The Party Don't Start Til I Walk In

The Party Don't Start Til I Walk In

Rare Opulence ruffle dress
$230 - theoutnet.com

Christian Louboutin black shoes

Python handbag
$895 - intermixonline.com

Amrita Singh gold tone earrings
$80 - amritasingh.com

H M antique jewelry
£6.99 - hm.com


Madewell belt
$42 - madewell.com

Beauty Tip

For stronger, shinier hair, let your conditioner sit in your hair for 5-10 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

12 December 2011

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly

Gucci shirts blouse
£485 - flannelsfashion.com

Tube skirt

United Nude platform boots
£769 - farfetch.com

Valentino leopard print handbag
$2,545 - net-a-porter.com

Vince Camuto rhinestone jewelry
$48 - vincecamuto.com

Ziba vintage style jewelry
£20 - houseoffraser.co.uk

Trend Watch: Velvet

I've been seeing this trend everywhere lately, and I'm actually pretty late in writing about it on my blog. (Don't judge me.)

However, I have my reservations about this trend. I have seen some horrible versions of this trend. I've seen ill-fitting granny pants, too oversized shirts and many other things. If you rock this trend tastefully though, I think you can end up looking amazing! Maybe a nice fitted (not too tight) pencil skirt or a nice blazer. I wouldn't wear velvet on top and bottom, reminds me of a velour track suit. ._.

Check out some of my favorite velvet pieces:

Member's Only Velvet Leggings

American Apparel Velvet Leggings

TopShop Glitter & Velvet Dress

Marc Jacobs

Sorry that I haven't been posting much guys...it was finals week! But finals weeks is OVER...which means that the semester is over...which means that I have more time to work, design pieces for my line, and do other things (which I'll be blogging about here! ;)).

So let's go! :)

09 December 2011

Celebrity Style Star of the Week: Olivia Palermo

This week's Celebrity Style Star of the Week is Olivia Palermo! I first saw Olivia Palermo on the The City (the spin-off of The Hills with my style idol Lauren Conrad.). I loved her style, hated her attitude. I really loved the way she put her outfits together && thought that she always looked incredibly chic and put together while she was trying to make Whitney Port's life a living hell.

Check out some pictures of my favorite outfits from Olivia Palermo!

08 December 2011

Trend Watch: Violent Lips

So this trend is definitely...interesting! I first heard of these when I saw a photo of Keyshia Cole wearing them when she was on 106 & Park  I thought that it was interesting and I did a little research.

These are temporary lip tattoos and the most expensive one will cost you about $15. They come in many different prints, so you're sure to find one that suits your taste (if these are your style at all)! Check out some photos:

Khloe Kardashian in Silver Glitterati

Kim Kardashian in Checkered Print

Keyshia Cole in Cheetah Print