01 December 2011

Trend Watch: Neon

Hmmm.....I'm on the fence with this trend. I'm really big on neutral colors. I do like adding pops of color to my outfit though. Those colors are normally subdued though.

Neon is bright. Neon commands attention. Neon can turn an outfit into a disaster.

Too much of anything is a bad thing, and too much neon can make you look like a life-size Mead highlighter. And nobody looks good as a highlighter.

The key is to wear neon in small doses. Add a pair of neon earrings or a neon bracelet to add a trendy pop of color to a neutral outfit. Loving that neon dress you see in the window of your favorite boutique? Subdue the neon color with neutral colors such as black,gray, or nude. I think you can even make a dark plum colored heel look fantastic with a neon colored blouse or dress. Or match your dress and shoes, just make sure that you keep jewelry to a minimum. You don't want your outfit and jewelry to compete for attention.

The ever stylish Victoria Beckham 

The gorgeous Blake Lively

I love the neon detailing on this Quontom dress.

A sure showstopper from NastyGal

Neon Pink Lita Boot by Jeffrey Campbell

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