01 December 2011

My Favorite Season

Today I was asked what my favorite season was, and after a little consideration I answered fall.

When I was younger, I loved summer. Summer meant matching shorts and shirt sets, buying popsicles from the ice cream truck, and most importantly missing school. How could you be a kid and not love summer?!?!

As I got older I grew to appreciate the smaller, finer things in life. Things like flowers blooming and warm weather that's not too hot in the spring, and cool but not too cold weather, and the beautiful colors the leaves turn in the fall.

Fall is my favorite season because it makes fashion fun! You can add a scarf to that blah! t-shirt and jeans outfit or a pair of eye-catching tights or thigh-highs to make your outfit jazzier and more functional. You can show off of your style better in the fall. In the summer, you're trying to make sure that you can stay cool. You're probably wearing the least amount of clothing you can get by with wearing without someone asking you what your hourly rate is. In the fall you can have fun with layers. You might make your accessories the focal point of your outfit. I have more fun getting dressed in the fall than any other season.

So ladies embrace the cold weather, show off your style, but most importantly....


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