06 December 2011

Fashion Bombshell of the Day: My Reflections

Okay, one last post on this subject, and then I'll be back to posting on trends, my personal style, and new collections etc.

Being Fashion Bombshell of the Day on a site like www.fashionbombdaily.com definitely wasn't what I expected. I didn't think that people would be so nit picky. Most of the things people said were, "Oh, well I don't like her hair.", "Her style is too safe." etc. etc. (Someone even told me to put two tracks in the back of my head to add fullness lol. I have not stopped laughing at that all day,and it is already a running joke between my closest friends and I.) I feel like a lot of people were being negative just to be negative.

However, I did get some really constructive criticism which I definitely appreciate and will certainly keep in mind. Furthermore, I'd like to say that I'm only 19. Style-wise, I'm in a completely different place than I was two years ago. I was all about brands and trends, now I'm more focused on what works for me. So who knows where I will be style-wise 2 years from now when I'm 21 .

I'm seriously happy that I got the opportunity to experience this though and it just gave me more motivation to push harder and make my dreams reality.


  1. You dress amazingly mature for a 19 year old I looked wayyy ratchet when I was 19 seriously lolllllllll I have come to the conclusion that the commenters on FBD are part of the problem with black women. Instead of embracing one another and uplifting we look for the first chance to tear each other down. I'm all about constructive criticism but like you said most of the negativity was just that...debbie downer type comments

  2. Lol thank you so much! I really appreciate that! :)

    && I definitely agree. A lot of people tried that whole let me say something negative but then say something positive so I'm not a "hater" approach. I could definitely tell which people were trying to give me constructive criticism and which ones were just being Negative Nancies.

    Sadly, I think more people on that site are about tearing others down to build themselves up. When they direct me to photos of their style and it just completely blows mine out of the water, then I'll care a little bit more about their opinions.

  3. I caught the feature on FBD and first off I would like to say kudos to you for sending in your pics and the way you handled the situation...class act chica! I would definitely have to agree with Style4Curves the women well, let me rephrase that most of the women on that site are the worst and the reason I say this is because they are so quick to tear down females that are featured but let a guy be the feature and they are praising him or screaming "WERK!" and 99.9% of the time their style is mediocre at best, or as long as a chick has a nice weave or lace front...she's killin'em. True, everyone featured may not be a "bombshell" (in whoever's eyes) but there is this thing called "tact". The mentality I just don't get and that is the main reason you don't see tons of successful blogs produced "by us". I give Claire her props for being one of the few blogs out there that is geared towards us but I feel comment moderation should be enforced instead of sitting back watching the blood bath, you do not see that type of negativity on sites such as Chictopia or Chicimiso but that's another story and I'll cut it short (or I'll be ranting and raving all night;) and leave you with this....my message to you my dear is, do not put much stock into what most of the commenters were saying...like you said you can tell who was being constructive and who was just being down right evil or ignorant. Stay true to self and you and your blog will be just fine. Now following;)

  4. Thank you!

    I'm following back! I love your style! :)