12 December 2011

Trend Watch: Velvet

I've been seeing this trend everywhere lately, and I'm actually pretty late in writing about it on my blog. (Don't judge me.)

However, I have my reservations about this trend. I have seen some horrible versions of this trend. I've seen ill-fitting granny pants, too oversized shirts and many other things. If you rock this trend tastefully though, I think you can end up looking amazing! Maybe a nice fitted (not too tight) pencil skirt or a nice blazer. I wouldn't wear velvet on top and bottom, reminds me of a velour track suit. ._.

Check out some of my favorite velvet pieces:

Member's Only Velvet Leggings

American Apparel Velvet Leggings

TopShop Glitter & Velvet Dress

Marc Jacobs


  1. I'm still undecided on this trend, the dresses work way better than the leggings though no doubt! xoxo

  2. Hmm..I like the dresses too.

    But my friend has a pair of the black velvet leggings from American Apparel and they look AMAZING on her. She wears them perfectly.

    I have a velvet top that I love, so maybe try that. Chic yet trendy! :)