30 October 2011

Pimple, Pimple Go Away. Please Don't Come Another Day. :(

So I skimp on my beauty regimen for ONE night. Not even an entire day, but a NIGHT && then two zits develop on my face. One on my forehead and the other on my left cheek. :/

So tonight I cleaned my face with my Seacret Facial Cleansing Milk, then did a 15 minute mud masque, and as I type this post I have toothpaste on both aforementioned pimples so that they can dry out and hopefully be small enough for me to hide tomorrow (thank God for MAC concealer, right?). If they're still a little red tomorrow I'll put a few drops of Visine on them tomorrow to take out the redness.

Moral of the story: Don't pass out with your make-up on. You will regret it! :x

1 comment:

  1. lol that is truth. i have to remove my make up each night! ugh