22 October 2011

Fall Nail Trend...

...that is going to be HUGE this season and maybe for more to come is... *drum roll*.... MAGNETIC NAIL POLISH!

Now if we think on the same plane I'm sure you're like, "what the heck is magnetic nail polish?!?!" Magnetic nail polish is nail polish that you paint on your nails and then use a magnet to make a design on the polish. How it works is, you paint one coat of the color on your nail, let it dry, then paint a second coat on one finger nail and then immediately hold the magnet over your nail and let it make a design in your nails. Then you repeat the process for each nail until you've done all ten.

The only cons that I've seen on this nail trend is that the magnet doesn't make a different pattern for each nail so they will all look eerily similar and that at $16 a bottle it's definitely on the expensive side for some.

Here are some examples of magnetic nail polish:

Will you be trying magnetic nail polish?

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