10 October 2011

I Love This Look

Excuse the slight mess behind me. I've been updating my wardrobe for fall && I don't have anymore hangers. ._.

This was one of my favorite outfits from last week, mostly because it kind of came together on a whim. I thought the top would be the perfect balance to the knit shorts, I added my new favorite pair of shoes && my layered chain necklace but I felt like my outfit still didn't look polished. :/ so I grabbed a hat that I bought at urban the day before (for $2.50!!!! Score!) placed it on my head && there it was. A polished outfit. :)

Shirt: Mossimo Supply Co.

Shorts: Sparkle & Fade

Shoes: Mossimo

Bangles: Forever 21

Hat: Mint by Goorin

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