09 October 2011

Fall Nail Trend

I didn't really like (or understand) the concept of fall or summer colors for your nails, but last year I embraced it && now i love it.

This spring && summer I was all about bright colors and crackle nail polish (i seriously wore crackle nail polish from January until about three weeks ago.) Now the weather is changing and I'm excited for the new fall nail colors. 

First I've been gravitating towards dark colors ever since I started wearing my nails filed round in about March. I currently have a plum color on my nails and I think that it looks AMAZING with pointy nails. It's classy yet sexy. However when I get my nails done again this weekend, I'm thinking I'll go with a jewel tone. Maybe an emerald or a sapphire. Oooh or something gray! Gray is seriously becoming one of my favorite colors, but that's another post!

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