16 October 2011

Weekly Fabulous Find

Around May I began my love affair with feather earrings. Since then, I've acquired several pairs, and I love them all! However, I found a new favorite pair, and in the most unlikeliest of places. I'm not a fan of Wet Seal, not in the least bit, but whenever I'm at Lenox Mall I always end up getting dragged in there for some foolish reason (my best friend needs a new make-up brush, or a friend is bored and wants to go in there for a laugh). When I leave, I always end up with something though (last time it was a pair of army green combat boots that I absolutely love and haven't seen anywhere else). This time it was a pair of feather earrings! I love them so much. They're the perfect balance of earthy and glamorous, and they only cost about $9 after tax.

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