14 October 2011

How to Wear Printed Pants

It's seriously warm && sunny outside so I decided to do my printed pants post with the pictures that I took a couple of days ago. I was a little nervous about trying the printed pants trend. I'm all about neutrals most of the time, and I really only wear prints on my jewelry && headwraps. However, while thrifting with Lataevia I found the perfect pair of printed pants! They were dark-colored, the print wasn't too busy, and they fit like a dream! :)

I paired them with a gray crop top from urban outfitters, a pair of sandals, and then dressed up the whole outfit by pairing it with glitzy gold jewelry. What do you think of my take on the printed pants trend? How would you wear them?


  1. :D love your pants~ I was thinking of doing a post like this with some floral pants :) that is as soon as i get my lazy but into the nice clothes haha!

    Thanks for the inspiration~ Its hard to choose what to wear with printed pants! I usually pair it with a plain top so I don't become a mess of patterns haha~

  2. thanks a lot!

    && i know right, you have to let the pants be the focal point of the outfit or you can end up looking crazy. ._.