19 October 2011

Loafer Heels

I love, love, LOVE the loafer heel trend! My only issue with it is that most loafer heels I have seen have a heel below three inches. I'm not going to be walking down anybody's runway with 8-inch heels anytime soon, but I definitely despise heels under 3 inches. As my friend Nia said, "Heels under 3 inches are a waste of time and money." With that being said, I haven't purchased a pair of loafer heels yet because I want to find the perfect pair. You would think I would stop being so particular because I have huge feet (I wear a size 9. :/) I found a pair of heels on my favorite shoe website that I love, they don't have them in my size right now, but hopefully they will restock! What do you think of my pick?

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