30 October 2011

My Opinion: Paranormal Activity 3

Now this might be out of my lane...but I just felt so strongly about Paranormal Activity 3 that I had to say something.

I LOVE horror movies! Despite the cold weather October is one of my favorite months because everyone is playing horror movies! If we go to the movies and there is a horror movie showing, I want to see it (unless it's of the cheesy variety. Umm piranha 3D? PASS!). MY favorites are the old classics like the original Halloween and Texas  Chainsaw Massacre, and the Shining. I also like more recent movies (within the last four years) such as 1408 and of course the ever popular Paranormal Activity.

When I saw the first one it was about 3 in the morning during Summer 2010. I was with a couple of friends and the person I was dating. That movie scared the crap out of me. I got home around maybe 5, made my significant other stay up until 6:30 with me then come get me, and I didn't go to sleep until I got to their house lol. I saw 2 with my friend Jon and while it was scary, it wasn't as terrifying as 1. When I saw the previews for 3 I knew I was gonna go see it!

Now onto my opinion of the movie. 3 was okay. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't awesome. It had a lot of plot holes that I hated (but won't discuss in case any of you haven't seen the movie) and it was just all around not what I expected. Most of the scenes in the preview weren't even in the movie (which has happened with all of the movies but I felt that this one had waaaayyyy more scenes missing from the movie). Also most of the scares were predictable. They stuck with the same gotcha! formula from the past two movies so for most of the movie I knew what to expect and when. Also back to the plot holes, they were huge. So huge that a group of moviegoers and myself stood outside of the theater for 10 minutes discussing the ending (yes it was that confusing.). I imagine they did that because they wanted to make sure that we would come back for Paranormal Activity 4. Which left more questions! Will Paranormal Activity 4 pick up where 3 left off or where 2 left off? 1 and 2 seemed to go hand in hand and make tons of sense, while 3 just left a bunch of questions. If you're a fan of the series and liked 2, I recommend it. If you hate the series or thought 2 was just okay, save your money and wait for The Devil Inside to come out. That preview looked amazing!

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