19 October 2011

Forever 21

I loved Forever 21 from the moment I discovered it my sophomore year in high school. Sadly, this is a love affair that is quickly turning sour. Forever 21 is becoming cheesy and cheap looking. You can still find a couple of pieces in there, like maybe a skirt or a shirt, or a pair of over the knee socks or a pair of earrings. I can't just go in there and find tons of stuff like I used to and that makes me sad. Maybe it's because my style is maturing or maybe Forever 21 just really isn't what it used to be. :/


  1. i totally agree, it used to be one of my favorites but a lot of my tops have been tearing. so not with that!

  2. yeah, but my biggest problem with them is that they're just starting to look really really cheesy. It makes me so sad because I used to love forever! :/