15 April 2012

Words to Live By

I don't really care for her (that runaway slave master line is unforgivable in my book) so don't get used to seeing her on this blog but I totally feel what Iggy Azalea said in reference to the other females in the rap game. Anyone, no matter what industry you work in, can take these words and live by them:

“Females are competitive like that and that’s how it is. I’m sure if I was the best sprinter in the world, all the other sprinters would hate me and I would hate them, too. It’s the same thing— it’s competition, it’s women. I don’t take offense to it. I don’t wake up thinking about another woman. I think about what I am going to do to make sure my career has longevity because that’s my only job. I just think about that, not who can be doing my job better than me —no one can, because I’m the only one that can be me and they’re the only ones who can be them."

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