15 April 2012

Super Shoot at Club Havana

On Saturday I went to Club Havana to network at a fashion show and super shoot. I was there, enjoyed one (-_-) drink from the open bar and then I was forced asked to model. I had fun shooting with all the different models and photographers and the designers were all really nice. I can't wait to see the pictures from the shoot.

While there I did get some networking done. I agreed to do a couple of more photo shoots (the concepts the photographers have in mind are AMAZING && I'm so happy they want me to be a part of them) and I met another wardrobe stylist. She invited me to work on a fashion show with her and said that she wanted to help me get into personal shopping.

It was a great night && I can't wait for the next super shoot!

Check out a couple of photos below:

I'm all the way on the left with the up-do. :)

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