11 June 2012

It's Just Those Rainy Days...

When I was younger I hated rainy days. It meant that I had to sit inside all day && couldn't go out to play or to my best friend's house...in other words, they were B O R I N G. I also hated how ugly outside looked. Everything was all dark && gloomy, and I soon began to think that rainy days would be bad days.

However, the older I get the more I begin to appreciate the very things that I shunned as a child. I now appreciate the rain (what it does for the earth, the great sleep I get, and not to mention it's basically a free car wash :p). So on rainy days now I curl up in my bed, put on good music, a great movie && get to work (whether I'm blogging, returning e-mails, creating new pieces or drawing designs) I just make sure that I'm being productive.

So in honor of the rainy week that Atlanta is about to endure, here is my rainy day playlist. Enjoy. :)

Curren$y- J.O.B

Biggie- Me && My Bitch

Dom Kennedy- Dream to Me

Curren$y- Jets @ Your Neck

Roy Ayers- Everybody Loves the Sunshine

J. Cole- Hold It Down

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