06 September 2012

Summer to Fall Trends

Some of the trends that I've been loving this summer look like they will continue to go strong into the fall. These trends include:

  • ombre hair
  • turbans
  • "Poetic Justice" braids

Ombre Hair

I have LOVED ombre hair since I first saw it last summer. I finally decided to give it a go this summer when I got back from my trip to New York. I started with 18" dark brown Brazilian body wave hair and then I helped my little sister bleach a good bit of the bottom of my hair a blondish-goldish color. I quickly got bored with just that and then decided to buy some semi-permanent pink hair to color my tips. I was a little nervous that it would look "ghetto" or "ratchet" but it came out awesome and now every time I step out of the house I get tons of compliments on it. A few girls have even told me that they're gonna do their hair like mine when they get their next weave!

Before the pink.

After the pink.


Turbans are another trend that I've seen for a while and that I like. There's nothing I love more than a girl that can rock a turban with a nice outfit! This is my gorgeous friend Alex! She can wear a turban with a cute double denim outfit or with a tank and leggings and she still looks good!

"Poetic Justice" Braids

Okay this is a trend that I feel has kind of gone too far. I love it but there are definitely some people out there that are ruining it. First, not everybody can rock this style, if you know something's not your "swag" just admire it from afar. Secondly, some braids I've seen have been of horrible quality. Your appearance is an investment, don't short change yourself by doing something yourself or letting your friend do something that they're not really good at it because in the end YOU'LL be the one looking stupid. However, I have seen some nice braids and these pictures are of Bari! The braids seem to fit her style and think she really makes them her own!

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