14 January 2013

Androgyny In Fashion

Androgyny in fashion is nothing new and if you really think about it, it's not uncommon. However, I've been seeing more guys in kilts and skirts (which Marc Jacobs mastered long before Kanye West) and I decided to dedicate a post to some of the celebs (and one regular guy) that inspired this post.

Diddy rocking a kilt. I'm not really a fan of this look. The jacket, the chains, the fitted. He needs to try again, or maybe he should just leave it alone because no.

Kanye West in a leather Givenchy wrap skirt. Even if you're not a fan of men in skirts, I think you can admit that this outfit was nicely put together. It wasn't too much, it wasn't too little. Just enough to catch your attention, and keep it.

"F**k boy shoot your stylist."

The amazing Marc Jacobs in a Prada skirt. Love the Hermes bag!

I love A$AP Rocky's style so my heart dropped when I saw pictures of him on 106 & Park (I didn't even know 106 & Park was still on the air 0_o) wearing what appeared to be a dress. Designed for a woman. Well, have no fear, Rocky did an interview where he said it wasn't a woman's garment, he simply had on an oversized shirt. I'm still not a fan of this outfit though. The fur on the collar of the jacket compete with the print of the shirt and the Timberland boots make this outfit look sloppy.

First, let me apologize in advance to any friends of his that may read this blog. Wait, what am I talking about? If he had REAL friends they would not have let him walk out of the house like this!! The first outfit is fine, but the second one? When I saw that outfit I had so many questions. Why are his overalls cuffed like that? Why does he have on overalls like he is not a grown man? Where did he find overalls in his size? Is that a cropped hoodie? Jeffrey Campbell makes heels for men now? Why does this look like a failed Wrangler jean ad? I'll stop here before I get carried away.

Men have been wearing skirts, sarongs, kilts etc., since the beginning of time and I don't foresee this trend disappearing anytime soon. Hopefully the people that failed at the trend the first time come a little harder should they try again. And for those that haven't tried it yet, please don't do too much if you should try it. You don't have to do a lot. You're a guy in a skirt. I promise you we'll notice you.

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