29 October 2012

A Star Studded Halloween

Halloween is this Wednesday (blah.), so many people, celebrities included decided to celebrate Halloween this Saturday.

My Instagram news feed && Twitter timeline were packed with people, famous and non-famous, showing off their Halloween costumes. Some were great, some were tasteful, some were cheesy, and some were downright sleazy.

Enjoy this post dedicated to some of the best and WORST celebrity costumes I've seen so far.

Cassie and Diddy as Cleopatra and Prince Jr. I loved these costumes especially Diddy's. I thought his was so creative especially since Prince doesn't have a son lol.

Lala was a cat and Kim Kardashian was...Brooke Hogan? Just kidding lol, she was a mermaid. Her wig makes me sad. :/

Draya is a beautiful girl with the body to match and so I really enjoyed her bride costume.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were a sailor and a mermaid. I'm pretty sure Kanye West dresses in a similiar manner every day, and Kim Kardashian's wig was God awful, so I was not impressed with these costumes. Sorry.

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