10 February 2013

NYFW Day 3 Recap

Day 3 of New York Fashion Week was amazing! For the most part I was very impressed by all the collections. However, Rebecca Taylor and Prabal Gurung were my favorites of the day.

Rebecca Taylor

I loved Rebecca Taylor's collection because it had so much versatility. She didn't stick to neutrals, she used tons of fabrics, and many of her pieces (with the exception of the crop tops) can go from the office to a night out. Sweatshirts with fitted pencil skirts, structured blazers with sweatpants and heels, I am in love with this collection!

Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart was one of the designer's whose collection I was looking forward to seeing and she did not disappoint. Most of her looks were very structured yet relaxed, which I loved. I also loved her dresses, with the different prints, lengths, and architectural shapes, you would be hard pressed to find something in this collection that you did NOT like. 

Helmut Lang

This collection was inspired by an exhibition called Picasso Black and White, and it definitely shows. Many of the pieces were geometric, and save for a few pieces that had a bit of blue or yellow, most of the pieces were black, white, or nude. Most of the pieces had a boyish feel but for those uncomfortable with the androgynous look, Lang also showcased a few feminine, sheer tops. 

Prabal Gurung

When I saw the first look from this collection (the first picture on the left), I couldn't help but let out a tiny excited yell. I had read that his collection had a heavy military influence and I was a little skeptical. Could it be very feminine? Could he put together looks that we hadn't already seen a million times before? The answer to both of my questions was a resounding YES! He completely nailed it. His use of Aztec and Asian inspired prints added tiny pops of color that gave the collection a more complete look.

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