17 July 2013

Living Young, Wild & Carefree

It's no secret that I love working with Dior. There's always tons of energy at our shoots. We are constantly laughing, cracking jokes, and just having fun doing what we love.

This past Sunday we had a shoot in this big field that I always pass on the way to one of my friend's houses. We had to postpone the shoot for hours and then we had to cut it early due to inclement weather. However, despite that AND the fact that we were mosquito prey for about an hour, we managed to squeeze in two looks and get some amazing shots!

Check out a few snapshots below:

This is a shot of Dior when she first put the button down on. I loved the sexiness and crispness of the oversize white button down and gold chains against her skin but something was off. I simply rolled up the sleeves of the button down and voila! I had the perfect, carefree look that was perfect for the scenery.

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