22 July 2013

That's So Clutch

Ever since I can remember I have had a love affair with huge bags, the bigger the better. I was always the girl that had the biggest bag full of snacks, make-up, and whatever else you needed lol. However, as I got older and started going out more, I began to scale down my purse size. From oversize bags to totes, from totes to small shoulder bags, and from there I ended up falling in love with clutches.

Clutches are just so chic. They can be oversize, they can be super small. They can be made out of leather, they can be made out of denim. No other form of a handbag adds that extra oomph and chicness like a clutch does. For a night out you can fit all your necessities in it: lip gloss and/or lipstick, ID, phone, cards and/or cash, and business cards (depending on where you are that night).

Start out buying clutches in basic black and white, and then graduate to trying out clutches in different colors, styles and fabrics! Fashion is not fire. Play with it. Have fun. Step outside of your comfort zone and you might experience something you like.

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