06 November 2011

DIY Feather Earrings

I've been wanting a big pair of feather earrings since forever. The ones I've been seeing have been $25 and up. I don't mind investing in a quality piece. However, feathers are a trend, and trends are fleeting. I don't want to be stuck with a pair of $30 earrings that I can't even wear out anymore.

This weekend my mother had me running errands with her. She told me she was going to Hobby Lobby. I had two choices: go in hobby lobby with her or go in Rainbow (umm...no.). So I wound up in Hobby Lobby browsing around for a jewelry holder (which I still so desperately need) and came across the DIY jewelry section. I was instantly enchanted. I picked up two crosses (which were supposed to be pendants), a pack of peacock feathers, and a pack of big white feathers with black dye on the end. It took a bit of effort, but I now have three pairs of earrings. :) Two pairs of which I'll post pics of below!

What do you think of them?

1 comment:

  1. Love the earrings. Also, glad I could inspire future outfits! <3