09 November 2011

My Signature Piece

Every girl should have a signature piece to her wardrobe. Something she wears that just makes her outfit complete.

My piece was recently discovered a couple of weeks ago when me and my first love started talking regularly again. He's stationed in Afghanistan and even though we didn't talk too much before he left and he has a family now, I miss him like crazy. So to feel closer to him (and not cross any boundaries) I wear the bracelet he gave me a couple of years ago (or I watch a new movie, he loved watching new movies). He gave me the bracelet as a gift a couple of months before we broke up in June of 2009. His grandmother gave it to him before she died and then he in turn gave it to me. It was one of the only things that he didn't get back from me when we broke up. I wear it every day. :)

SN: I still love you B && I'm glad we're forming a friendship. You mean more to me than I'll let you know. <3

Check out some pics of me && my signature piece below. ^_^

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