07 November 2011

Trend Watch: Pleated Maxi Skirt

I LOVE this trend! :D I became enamored with midi && maxi skirts at the end of August. I had no idea pleated maxi skirts were even in style when I began buying them. I just knew that when I was thrifting I would see a pleated maxi skirts and I liked them (I bought every one I saw that I could fit. You can see my pleated white wool maxi skirt here). I love this trend and I want to add a couple more to add to my wardrobe.

Check out some of my pics and my celebrity style inspiration wearing them:

I'm a huge fan of Lauren Conrad and I loved the casual yet classy spin she put on this trend.

Skirt- Sparkle & Fade: $59.00 (that discount is gonna come in handy when I'm ready to buy this!)

Skirt- Alice + Olivia: $396.00

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