09 November 2011

I Love Ink.

Today as I was taking pictures for my What I Wore post today I realized that I love the tattoo that is on my right shoulder. It says, "Never a regret...always a lesson." It was inspired by Rihanna's tattoo. (I definitely stole the whole having it written backwards so that I could see it in the mirror part lol.)

I've always been in a firm believer in never regretting anything because I learned from it. If you can learn something from it && grow as a person because of it, you should not regret it. This mantra is often tested during break-ups because it seems that I always discover a new (unpleasant) side to that person that I never had the misfortune of meeting until we were broken up. I got this tattoo after a particularly nasty break-up (me and that person no longer speak && act like we don't know each other on the rare occasions that we do run into each other.).

It's one of my favorites (the other favorite would be the one that I got three days before my father passed away this April. It is a dove being carried by the wind with both of my parents' initials and it symbolizes the support and love they give me and how I would surely be lost without it.).

I said the aforementioned dove would be my last tattoo but now I'm thinking about getting Amor Vincit Omnia (Latin for Love Conquers All) on my finger. I'll keep you guys posted, but for now, here are some pics of my favorite tattoo! :)

Ring: Charlotte Russe
Earrings: I made them.

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