12 March 2012

He Said What?!?!

So today I was talking to this guy, he was asking me questions about my love life && then I told him that I didn't see myself getting in a relationship anytime soon. I was annoyed && it was the second time today I'd had a conversation about the topic. Then he started asking me why. Did my last ex break my heart? (No. I don't care about him like that anymore.) Was I gay? (If a girl is hot I am.) Do I hate men? (No. Not at all.) and so on && so forth.

Why is that most of the guys our age don't want a relationship && it's fine but when a girl wants to just enjoy dude's company && not get too serious she's a bitch or she's crazy and bitter. 0_o No I'm not bitter. I've been screwed over but I'd put that on me before I put it on them. I've got to be smarter. No, I'm not crazy or insecure, I'm very sane and confident in my abilities to be a good girlfriend. I just don't want to be in a relationship. I don't want to settle. I don't wanna just talk to a dude for a year && then be upset when it doesn't go anywhere. I don't want to get into a relationship with someone that can't hold their own and doesn't have any goals or aspirations they're working towards. I'm out here working. What are you doing?

I can't say this enough. I REFUSE TO SETTLE. So if that makes me bitter, crazy && insecure I'll gladly be all of those things. As I work on myself with my peace of mind intact.

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