02 March 2012


I like to think of myself as an awesome girlfriend, and I can honestly say that with the exception of one of my relationships, the other person messed stuff up between us.

With that being said, everyone that I once talked to or dated is suddenly coming back into my life. 0_o

There was the dude that pretends he has no feelings that hit me up during Mardi Gras (>_<), the ex that decided he would try to talk to me again after we saw each other at the mall (0_o), the second dude I've ever been in love with after I had to help his ass get out of a REAL sticky situation (-_-) and then I guess you could say the one that I messed stuff up with. They followed me on Instagram && we've been speaking on there.

My point is, that I've been choosing all the wrong people (with the exception of that one ex), and their dumb asses don't realize how good I was to them until they think I'm being good to someone else. I think that on some kind of level, I talk to or date people that I want to save (does this make me Captain Save-A-Hoe? *insert dry laughter at corny joke here*) and that needs to stop. Until I can be in a healthy relationship, I'll be single. Cause I definitely deserve more than what I've been settling for.

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