05 March 2012

"When Life Hands You Lemons....

....just say fuck the lemons && bail." - the surf teacher on Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I have grown so much in the past few months && I'm thankful for it because with everything happening the way it's happening I would not be able to handle life with the mentality I had back in October.

So I didn't get accepted to SCAD. *sad face* I called my admissions counselor and she told me that my grades during my freshman year at Auburn were the reason I couldn't get accepted. I was a little sad but I believe that this just means there is another plan for my life. I've decided to finish up my bachelor's degree in International Business at Kennesaw State University and then for graduate school I will apply to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), which is really my dream school.

Stuff won't go exactly the way I planned but I truly believe that things are working out this way for a reason and what is intended to be will be. No worries, all smiles. :)

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