27 March 2012

Justice For Ryan

On March 25, 2012 Nolan Ryan Henderson was murdered at Jackson State University. He was not a thug and he was not a troublemaker. In fact he had a 3.0 GPA.

JSU's football team and athletic department had a meeting yesterday and said that if anyone spoke about the case scholarships would be lost, and players would be suspended or kicked off the team.

Witnesses at the party where he was killed have said that Ryan bumped into a football player. He apologized but it wasn't enough. The football player hit Ryan and then the rest of the team members in attendance surrounded him and jumped him. Witnesses say Ryan was chased and jumped 3 times until he was eventually shot in the face. 911 was called but Ryan lay bleeding on the ground for 30 minutes before an ambulance arrived DESPITE THE FACT THAT A HOSPITAL IS UP THE STREET FROM WHERE THE PARTY WAS BEING HELD. A girl that he didn't even know held his hand during his final moments and said that the police told her to get away from him and to let him die.

Clearly the JSU police department is also at fault here. If they had responded to this tragedy you have to wonder...would Ryan still be alive? There negligent behavior clearly played a role in why this tragedy played out the way it did.

An innocent man has lost his life and we may never know who pulled the trigger that fateful night, all because one of their players is supposed to be going to the NFL draft. This is appalling. Going to the NFL draft is more valuable than a human life? You're more afraid of losing your scholarship than having blood on your hands? (FYI: if someone does come forward && they lose their scholarship, they could definitely sue JSU for that.)

"A coward dies 1000 deaths, a soldier dies but once." Ryan was a soldier, he died and now he is in heaven. The coward that shot him and the cowards that are covering for him are going to die every day until the truth comes out.

You can guys can help by tweeting #JusticeForRyan and informing everyone you can about this. You can follow his brother @iDamien on twitter to be updated with the case and you can also sign and share this petition on facebook/twitter http://www.change.org/petitions/jackson-state-university-s-athletic-department-and-board-of-directors-stop-hiding-information-about-the-death-of-nolan-ryan-henderson. Please help anyway you can. #JusticeForRyan

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