26 March 2012

New Endeavors

So as of now I can add writing to my resume. I love to write. Writing is truly my second love (after fashion of course :p) and now I have the opportunity to do both. I have started writing a fashion/styling column for PrimetimeX magazine && I can't wait to see my article in this upcoming issue! :)

Also I was asked to help with Au Courant, a fashion/music/entertainment magazine that will be released some time during the summer. I'm going to be writing, styling, and modeling in this issue! I truly cannot wait! :D

I scrapped the concept for my online store and I'm just going to create a website instead. A website that has several tabs, one for my modeling, one for my jewelry, one for my writing, and one for my styling! I'll be sure to keep you all posted! :)


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