09 March 2012

The Stop Kony Movement

From the moment I heard of this movement I was skeptical. As hell. From the moment celebrities began tweeting #StopKony2012 all of twitter became civil rights activists over night && began tweeting links && how they couldn't believe the travesty that was going on in Africa. >_>

I chose to do research instead. I wasn't about to get suckered into supporting a cause when I didn't know all the facts (much like what happened with the Troy Davis case. If you think he was innocent or unjustly being denied another trial, you should probably read the case file. There were 22 witnesses, and 7 of them did NOT recant their testimony, as widely reported. Even if 7 people did recant their testimony though, there was still 15 people saying he did it. So now what?)

However, when I began to research this cause I found that Invisible Children only donates 31% of the donations they receive to the actual causes they were intended for. I found forums with Ugandans claiming that Kony has been dead for years. I also found out that oil has recently been found in Uganda and that this is just a ploy to invade Uganda and take control of their resources. I'm going to post the video of the girl saying that Stop Kony is a crock of BS, and hopefully that will inspire you to go out and do your own research, not just jump behind a cause because you see everyone else supporting it.

Drop the sheep mentality. Become a shepherd.

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